** Every Country Speaks Fish ** Cory Mcelroy @ Gsas March 12th


** Every Country Speaks Fish ** Cory McElroy @ GSAS March 12th

Seattle Pacific University Campus, Otto Miller Hall, Room 109, 7:30 PM

Our March meeting's presentation is "Every Country Speaks Fish" by our own Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) member Cory McElroy. Many of us have known Cory for years, and have enjoyed his talks in the past. Cory describes his upcoming presentation this way:

Cory McElroy brings international fishkeeping to Seattle. Last year he traveled to Peru, China (twice), Germany (twice), Vienna and Budapest. From collecting fish in the wild to attending the biggest fish hobby conventions in the world. While every culture does things differently and Cory can only speak English, he is able to speak the universal language that is the fish hobby. You'll see and hear things like armed guards guarding the Arowanas, Flowerhorns, Discus, Goldfish, Bettas and Guppy competition in the China International Pet Show, to the armed guards guarding gold in the Peruvian Cloud Rainforest. One of the riskiest questions in his travels was, what are we eating today?...from Pacu and Picure (the giant rodent) to McDonalds to gain access to a bathroom. His talk is full of real life fish nerd traveling the world and what's it's like when you can't communicate with the people around you except for pointing at a fish and a smile.
Cory is owner of Aquarium Co-Op and well known for its ever-growing social media presence. He's also a longtime member of GSAS, having served on the board for several years where he brought back our BAP program from terminal hibernation.

This is our regular monthly meeting, guests are welcome, held on the Seattle Pacific University campus in Otto-Miller Hall (West Nickerson Street and 3rd Avenue West) Room 109. The meeting starts at 7:30, social hour at 6:30.

After the meeting, join us for our monthly auction and help to support the club that brings us all our these outstanding speakers. Anyone can bid however only GSAS members can sell. Cash or credit cards are accepted.

Guests are welcome; no entrance fee

Free parking, accessible building
Family friendly but no childcare provided
No furry or feathered pets
Go to Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS.org) for more information and directions

Lacey D

Looking forward to this one! Hope it doesn't snow again and wreak everything!
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HI All,

You are not going to want to miss this month's meeting with Cory, hope to see you Tuesday evening!

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