Eshopps Sump, overflow box and pump $150 picked up

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    I have a used Eshopps wet/dry sump filter for sale. I’m asking $150 for everything. I just checked the price to buy everything new on Fosters and Smith and the total would have been $373.97 so that seemed fair.

    Everything works great and there are no leaks anywhere. The pump is less than a year old. The sump is used so there are a few scratches. I scrubbed it with a green scrubber pad and that left the sump with a bit of a haze to it. (Dumb I know) I don’t know if that can be buffed out somehow. It is currently running on my 75 gallon very heavily planted (needs pruning bad… ok downright neglected… who says fish need room to swim?) aquarium so it has the added benefit that it will instantly cycle a new tank since the bio balls already have bacteria on them. I took everything off the tank so I could take pictures and then set it all back up on the aquarium again. It keeps the tank really clean, I’ve just decided I would rather go with a canister on this tank. Here is what is included:

    Eshopps acrylic sump model WD-125CS - single 1” intake, 20 gallon capacity, rated for 600 gallons max flow rate, for tanks 100-125 gallons. Includes bio-balls, drip tray and cover, egg crate, return hose, and vinyl tubing with directional attachment and 4-5 gallons of bio balls (new is $215.99)

    Eshopps acrylic overflow model PF800 - rated for up to 125 gallon tank and a max flow rate of 800 gph. Includes the U-tube and tube-shaped pre filter sponge. Also includes two additional new unused pre filter sponges. (new is $65.99)

    Marineland Maxi-Jet Submersible Utility Pump Model 3000 - 775 gallons per hour. 9.1 foot max head height, 3/4 inch inlet and adjustable outlet for either ¾ or 1 inch tubing. I have the box the pump came in and the other attachments that it came with to convert it to inline use. (new is $91.99)

    I know it’s a long shot but I’m hoping for someone local to pick this up. I don’t mind shipping it but I have not looked into what that would cost yet. I’m in Northeast Ohio. PM me if you are interested.

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    I couldn't upload all the pics in the first post...

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