Discussion in 'Blue Lobster' started by goblobber, Apr 7, 2010.

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    goblobber New Member Member

    I transferred my blue lobster from a 30 gallon community tank to an unpopulated 10 gallon tank 2 nights ago. Last night, I put some feeder fish in the 10 to give the lobster something to do. Instead he ignored them, even when they swam in his face. This morning, no lobster in the tank. The filter lid had fallen in to the tank. I suspect the lobster went up the filter pipe, onto the top of the filter, and jumped. Anyway no sign of him in the immediate vicinity and then I had to go to work. Any idea how far he could have crawled before expiring?
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    ilikefish Valued Member Member

    As far as how far he went? I'm not sure... As far as how long he'll live (assuming he was healthy)... 24-36 hours easy... and maybe up to 72 hours if your house is cold (about 40 degrees Fahrenheit) Good luck finding him! don't give up on him yet!!
  3. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    10 gallon tanks are easy for them to get out of. loose in a house, it wont live more than several hours. if you find it, though, throw it back in no matter how long its been - you never know.

    i would be looking in a 10-15 foot radius. they will be looking for a cool, dark palce. underneath the fridge was always a favorite place for my crays to hide.
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  4. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    welcome to FL goblobber. I'm sorry your lobster escaped.
  5. OP

    goblobber New Member Member

    Thanks for the replies. I'll see if I can leave work early and then start a search. It's funny, just before I turned his light out last night, I saw him sitting back on his lobster haunches, just staring at that filter pipe. I thought he was acting a bit odd, especially with all those new feeder fish to go after.
    But if I find him back in his 30 gallon, I'm gonna lock the bedroom door at night.
  6. u

    uprightandlocked Well Known Member Member

    Hello...did you find your little guy?
  7. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Oh no!

    So sorry to hear that your Lobster is MIA (missing in action). Please keep us posted.
    Best of luck.
  8. i

    ilikefish Valued Member Member

    Did you find him?!
  9. C

    Chicklette Valued Member Member

    That's terrible, those buggers can climb, did you find him?
  10. blkdeath75

    blkdeath75 Well Known Member Member

    This post is from 3 months ago....OP may not be around anymore?

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