Err.. Possible Ich? Important

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Bettaguy17, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Hello Everyone, i got a 40 gallon tank from a neighboor :;banaman (YES it was cycled and all that good stuff) and put 3 silverdollars, now i know there should be 6, but just for now, theres 3. Te tempreture is around 80, one of them has some shiny silver stuff along with MINORLY nipped fins. The only other fish in there are silver dollars. remember, they are very minor nips. And its only on one fish, could that be ich or just something else? Its silver,not white... Thanks :) ;D
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    im not sure if you fish has ich or not but to my knowledge ich looks like tiny white dots on your fishes fins and body. im dealing with it right now but mine was easier to see because it was a black molly and two orange guppies. im sure someone will come along and be able to help you soon. good luck
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    I know, ive had ich before.. im just wondering because its kinda scaring me
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    A picture would definitely help! I agree it does not sound like ICH. When a fish has ICH it looks like they've been sprinkled with salt.