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Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by Sxusie, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Sxusie

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    I will soon be getting a 13 gallon tank and later on, hopefully a school of small corys or neon tetras. I am a complete beginner so have no idea at all what equipment I need and what to do with said equipment. Do you have any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of fish keeping! What are the dimensions of the tank you are considering? Once I know what it looks like I can help more :)
  3. OP

    SxusieValued MemberMember

    its about 28 inches long, 12 high and 12 wide
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    I would take a read through the stickies and articles on this site - they have a lot of helpful info!
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    Hello! I know that bit can be overwhelming to know what to buy and what to do, but I am sure that everyone here will love to help you. Here are some things you will need as well as why you might need them.
    A Hood/Lid- You will need a hood to prevent evaporation and keep your fish from jumping to their death.
    Lights- If you are planning on having a planted aquarium, you will need some really strong lights to support your plants. If not, most lights and hoods available in stores will be sufficient for viewing your fish.
    Filter- One of the most important parts of your aquarium is the filter. It will hold the beneficial bacteria and media that will make your aquarium a healthy environment. For a tank of this size, I would recommend an hang-on-back filter. A recommended brand of filters are Fluval AquaClears.
    Heater- If you are keeping tropical fish such as tetras, you will need to keep your aquarium warm. You will want an adjustable heater to do this. A recommended brand of heaters are the Aqueon Pro series.
    Substrate- Though it is not required, substrate makes your tank look better, as well as providing a place for some bottomfeeders to forage in. Your substrate can consist of either sand or gravel.
    Ornaments/Wood- Most people like to have fun ornaments or driftwood in their aquarium to provide a focal point. Ornaments (such as ships and houses) as well as driftwood provide a place for fish to hide in.
    Plants- Wether they are live or fake, your aquarium needs plants. Plants provide decoration for your fish tank. Without plants, your aquarium will look empty and dull, and your fish will be more stressed and agressive.
    Water Conditioner- Water Conditioner is added to tap water to make it safe. It removes harmful things such as chloramines and heavy metals. A highly recommended water conditioner is Seachem's Prime. Not only does this conditioner "clean" your water, it also detoxifies ammonia!
    Filter Media- Your filter will need to have some sort of media in it to grow the beneficial bacteria you need to complete the Nitrogen Cycle (you definitely want to know about this, do plenty of research). There are several types of media and they will usually be great for your tank.
    Food- There are many types of food that you can feed your fish. Most fish foods come in flake or pellet form, though some bottom feeder foods come in tablet form. Different fish have different dietary requirements, but most tropical fish foods are okay.
    Thermometer- You will need a thermometer to make sure your aquarium stays at the right temperature for your fish.
    Gravel Vacuum and Buckets- These are basic supplies that you will definitely need. A gravel vacuum sucks debris out of your substrate and a bucket catches the water that will need to be replaced. These tools are needed for water changes.
    Knowledge and Common Sense- These are essential for maintaining a healthy environment. Read about topics such as the Nitrogen Cycle, stocking options, and pieces of equipment.
    Sorry that this was such a long post, I hope I helped!
  6. OP

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    thank you this is very helpful!