Equipment For A Huge Tank.

Rohit mess

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HI all.
So I am stuck in midst of making a 6 feet x 12 feet x 2 feet deep Pond/ Aquarium. Approx 4000 liters (~1000 gallon).
The base and sides are constructed of concrete and will be waterproofed / tiled in one month.
It is supposed to be a walkable glass top floor aquarium.
So the only contact area between air and water is in the sump area.

So what filter/ filters should I use to achieve a flow rate of , say 4 x 4000 liters?
Recommend some nice quality brands that will last in long run.
How many wavemakers will I need to achieve proper circulation?
Will I need to use a air pump in sump area to help exchange the air exchange as the overall surface area is much smaller (3x2 feet).

Temperature here (Mumbai, India) ranges from minimum 16C (~60F) in winter to maximum 34C (~86F) in summer. Average temperature fluctuates around 22-28C (~72- 84F) all round the year.

So what heater/ chiller/ cooler do you recommend for this tank/pond.
Please help.

To avoid the nemesis: Algae, should I opt for a UV submersible light and use it in the main tank, or a UV lamp in sump, or built in UV canister filter.?
Note: there will be other filter /pump/ wavemaker for circulation and bio filtration as well.

I am so confused. Please guide me.

Phew! probably my 6th question of the day.

So I am looking for under water lights/ submersible lights.
I will also have sparse aquatic plants in the tank.
Probably easy to grow ones, slow growers, low tech.

I want light that can be remote controlled. And or with timer.
Please give some suggestions.

Thank you.

Zigi Zig

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your pond should be at least 4 feet at some place for fish to hide, you can't use sump, you will need skimmer with pump inside that pumps water back to pond or water fall between that after filtration you can add UV you don't need any circulation pump , You can add pond light for example
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Rohit mess

Rohit mess

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ZigI Zig
Waterfall is not posiible since it will be a glass covered top system. (I really wanted to do and was excited until he mentioned it will be a closed one. Which increased challenges by ten fold and made it more exciting)
Also it cannot go deeper than 2feet as it was already constructed before i/we was/were pulled in the project.
Also the sump or some open area will be needed to enable surface agitation. It will be hidden/ covered from the viewers.

As for hiding I will have take care of that during hard scaping.

Thanks for the product links. They really mean a lot too me and made my search easier.

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