equal feeding for all

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    mslane Initiate Member

    I am making a community fish tank and so far I have a blue mickey mouse platy and these platys that look like a sunrise. My question is, two of the fish look like their stomachs are caving in, their backs look crooked like the shape of an "s." They shimmy a lot and they eat little. The other fish in the tank seem to get to the food faster than they do. what is going on? how do I ensure they get ample food? is that the problem?
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    It sounds like you got some sick fish. You might want to try adding a veggie wafer which will sink to the bottom of the tank. Try and drop it in where they hang out, and add it when you do a regular feeding. Hopefully the normal food will keep the healthier fish's attention, and your sick babies can go for the wafer.
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    mslane Initiate Member

    thanks, will do.