Epsom Salt Vs. Aquarium Salt

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by JamieLu, Feb 19, 2019.

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    No. Aquarium salt is Sodium Chloride. Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate-completely different-used for different problems.

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    nope. Espom salt is magnesium sulfate(used as a laxative and plant nutrient) and aquarium salt is sodium chloride. The latter is the one commonly used. But there’s better medicationto treat for things. Whaf exactly are you looking to treat?

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    I agree...it depends what you want to treat...If you only want to create a hyper-osmotic environment (such as if you are treating a swelling), both will serve the same purpose...
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    Just to have on hand mostly but my betta has a whit spot on head. I thought as long as it wasn't iodinized it was ok for baths?
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    Epsom Salt baths are frequently used to treat bloating issues and Dropsy.
    Aquarium salt is added to some tanks for fish that originate from brackish environments or need a little slime coat/wound support and as a salt bath for some healing help with infections like fin rot or fungal stuff. Also useful for treating plants for pest snail before putting them in your tank.

    Table or kosher salt are fine as long as there is no iodine or anti-caking ingredients added. Read the label. If it says just "Sodium Chloride", it's fine.
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    Are you suspecting ick ?
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    Do a sodium chloride bath, don't add a bunch of salt to the whole tank-and get the dose right or you'll pickle your fish lol! I've never needed to do it and don't know the dose. Maybe @bryangar knows?
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    I can look it up online somewhere I'm sure, someone on here was talking about how they acclimate their betta to it and where to find the info so I will def research first. He's a really old betta and not sure it'll even help but I don't know what the white spot is so can't really treat for it. I'll try the salt first. Thanks!

    No its only one white spot. It's def not normal but it's not ich. Not sure what it is so I will do salt first
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    Sorry I don’t know it. I’ve never done salt baths/dips. Try doing daily water changes first before going to salt. Maybe even try a methylene blue dip or dab it on injury(?) with a cotton ball.
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    Thanku very much
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    Awesome thanks ill be sure to check it out tomorrow. I don't plan to do the whole tank but I guess we'll c after I learn more. Much appreciated!

    One last question, would aquariun salt help with popeye? Or should I have got Epsom salt for that? It's for a silver dollar that came with the tank I just got, he came with popeye and Im planning to take him and his 2 buddies to LFS this weekend for rehoming since my 3yr old wants to watch the fish and they really don't like it. luckily lfs said they'd take him and give him proper treatment but would aquarium salt maybe help in the mean time or epsom?
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    Epsom Salts. 1tsp of dissolved ES per 10 gallons is ok to add to tank. It will help reduce swelling, but not do much to help healing. Maybe sodium chloride salt too, but I'm not sure how helpful it is, if baths are a good idea or dosage sorry. Hopefully someone knows!
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    Post 4 is interesting.