Epic Fail With Feeding Spinach Leafs

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by 123, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. 123Valued MemberMember

    So, I would just like to share with you, how I just might have had caused destruction of my live plants :D

    I started feeding spinach leaves because of new Diamond Tetras which I read need a lot of vegetables in their diet. I put the leafs in boiled hot water for a minute and then torn them a little to make it easier for fish to bite form it and I dropped them in the tank. I thought if I keep them in one piece it would be easier to pick out leftovers. So everything went well for two days and all the fishes loved the spinach and together they ate 2 small leafs a day .... however, I realized they also started snacking on all other plants meanwhile :D:D:D which they didnt do before at all.

    I have 3 honey gourami, 3 medaka fish, 5 diamond tetras... none of them ate plants before, now they CONSTANTLY snack on anubias and the alternanthera reineckii and the spinach leaves they have in there. They already ate 3 whole baby leafs from anubias in last 5 hours!!!! I just witnessed one gourami to eat the whole baby anubias leaf in one go in less than a minute!!!! WTH?! And that was AFTER I just fed them usual morning flakes! They are pooping massive green amounts! :hungover: Otherwise fishes seem very happy about their new discovery lol.

    Just saying, maybe blend the leaves before feeding them to fish so they don't resemble actual leafs? :rolleyes::hilarious:
  2. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    They must be a pleasure to have
  3. ParkbenchValued MemberMember

    Somebody in my tank was mowing down my jungle vals so I put an air stone next to them and they finally left them alone to grow... BUT I left the stone off for a couple hours one day and they were gone again. So it's not a perfect solution.
  4. 123Valued MemberMember

    Lol its like a poop party there. :D :hungover: I think I will have to put the plants out for couple of days so they forget about them and start blending the spinach, I thought I was smart putting it in whole as it will make the cleaning easier ...lol :D

    Haaahaha :D I also have that plant and another one with similar but longer leafs, they dont care about these. It seems like if they are going for hte ones with similar shape as spinach :D I will try taking them out for some time, maybe they forget :D
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