Entertaining Zebra Danios

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Blue Bea, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Blue BeaValued MemberMember

    These little guys are so curious and active that I want to make sure they are entertained. Any suggestions on things to add or tank scape that will be optimal for these little cuties?

    FYI: 8 zebras, 20g high, no tankmates, fake plants, HOB, airstone. Fully cycled (0/0/10 today). I may add 4 or 6 more if you guys think they will fit.

    ETA The tank has a black background, black sand, a pile of larger smooth river rocks, and a tunnel that they go through sometimes.

  2. Philippians 4:13Well Known MemberMember

    I would add 6 more. The more, the better with schooling fish like zebra danios. :)
  3. Blue BeaValued MemberMember

    The more, the better for me too! Well, within reason of course. Lol They are so fun to watch!
  4. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    Plants lol mine like zipping through the plants and around the driftwood... I also change up their tank once in a while... Actually use it for a grow out tank for many plants or to sink driftwood for other tanks too. Keeps them with things to explore. :)
  5. Blue BeaValued MemberMember

    Great ideas! I have a nice piece of wood that I need to boil and add. I am also planning on starting to add some live plants. Any suggestions on what they may like and is easy to care for?
  6. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    I've used lots of different things. Of you're new to plants try some easy stuff first. Depending on your light I'll assume it's on the lower end and say Anacharis is good, grows fast likes cooler water. About any commonly available sword plant, many cryptocoryne varieties will do well enough. If you have decent light (not super low light) could probably do moneywort, hornwort (foxtail), and swords and crypts will do much better in decent lighting. Ultra low maintenance if you have very low light is Java fern, Java moss, anubias, they all are very slow growing but do not need anything special at all, tie or appropriately glue them to driftwood or stone and they do perfectly fine :) hornwort and Anacharis can be left to float and can make a nice little jungle playground that you can pick up and mix around easily to keep things changed up.
  7. Blue BeaValued MemberMember

    The light is a T8 fluorescent. I didn't look too closely at the kind of light it puts out, I just noted that it said "full spectrum daylight". Will I need any kind of fert for them?
  8. sfsammWell Known MemberMember

    A T8 should grow anything you can find at a chain store, and if shopping online anything that doesn't require high light would be totally fine. High light plants would require a bit of research. I run all low tech tanks (no co2) and very low to moderate lighting. I'm not a plant guru by any means and usually stick to the same main types of plants. I venture out into new stuff occasionally, like currently I'm working on a Glossostigma carpet in my RCS tank which to my amazement I might actually get going. In a 20 high I'd be hard pressed to think a carpet plant would work. But I think you'll have luck with many types of plants. Vallisneria, lily, bolbitis, crinum, and probably many of the bucephalandra would also work with a little thought on design.

    Again depending on the plant and what substrate you have you will want to pay attention to how it feeds. If it's a water column feeder (anything that can be tied to dw or stone, or floats) you likely won't need ferts, anything that is a root feeder (anything that must be planted in the substrate) you can add root tabs and they will appriciate it. That said some plants do need a bit more than others, so if you order online or buy anything that is "tissue culture" at chain store do a quick search on it before checking out. I use mostly seachem flourite, or fluval stratum in most of my tanks, I also use root tabs for all my root feeders. I dose excel daily and some tanks get regular flourish at a low dose once per week.

    Excel in my opinion is absolutely great to have for a planted tank, but for years I grew many plants without it. Swords will always appriciate root tabs.

    Google up some plants that you like and that would make knowing if you need ferts or if the t8 is sufficient much easier :) there's hundreds of plants out there to choose from lol hard to make any sort of recommendation or give advice on a blank guess :)
  9. Blue BeaValued MemberMember

    Thank you for so much information!

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