Enough Hiding Places?

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I'm getting real plants after Christmas so it will have more hiding places, but will this tank be good for a 2F/1M dwarf gourami?
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the tank you have in your sig..is that the same one pictured..and yeah..you have a good base built and real or fake plants to fill in the gaps would be good..and your just about right for being stocked.yoru either a little over or under..and correct me if this is a different tank then the one in you signature
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same tank
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My gourami girls loooove real plants. They peck all day long like chickens on them. And they don't hide in decorations but they go around the plants and explore them a lot.
They do some damage on Wisteria (little tiny holes in it).
You have a nice stylish tank.

PS: you can see in the pic how much they like the Wisteria

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I have a similar 'rock' cave in my 10 gallon tank (PetSmart, eh? ) and one of my two honey gourami's adopted it as his home. He even shares it with the two corys most of the time. The other likes to hide in the plants on the other side of the tank.
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Yes, Petsmart .... but it's a comfortable one. Every fish goes in and out of it. Now it's house for glass cat fish.
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I was wondering if my tank currently has enough hiding places for 3 otos. I figured I would give them a try since my local Petsmart has them for $1 an oto. I have a CT betta who is chill, mystery snail & MTS. Any info would be great,

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Definitely enough hiding spaces, are you having algae issues? I can't really tell from this pick. Nice tank, btw.
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Not having to much of a problem with algae got some on the side of the glass and back ....also on top of my java moss. However, I got a small one gal tank with some of those flat glass marbles that I have setup in an "algae farm". Also, I plan on buying algae waffers. Think I will be good? I wanna move that stupid sea horse coral sign but not sure where I would put the java fern
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Hopefully you should be good, you can try feeding boiled veggies too. They probably won't eat the algae off the top of the java moss, mine never did. I know you said that your betta is chill and has accepted the snails, but make sure you have a back-up plan in case he decides he doesn't like ottos. Otos can be tricky, so it might take a few purchases to actually get three that live. Or you could get lucky and they could all live. Just make sure to acclimate them longer than other fish, close to two hours might be good.
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My local petsmart gets there fish on Tuesdays so that should be the best time to purchase right? or should I let them acclimate at the store first?
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I would say purchase on wednesday, some fish will likely die in the first few days. My intuition tells me that the biggest loss will be on tuesday and therefore buying on wednesday gives you a much better chance to get a stronger fish. I have nothing to back that up however.
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Hiya! I have MTS so bad! I was looking for shrimp for my 10 gallon nano tank and fell in love with the dwarf crayfish. I don't want them in with my celestial pearl danios because they seem too slow to be tank mates with crayfish.

Would my 38 gallon with serpae and Colombian tetras be a suitable home for some crayfish? I have an albino bristle nose pleco, but she seems feisty enough to deal with the little guys. I'm mostly concerned about having enough hiding places for them. I think there are enough nooks and crannies in there for hiding.

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There needs to be a way the crayfish can get to the top of the tank for air,just letting you know.is that you 38 in the picture,it looks like there's enough hiding places mabye just add some more plants and mabye a pot or aomhting. The place might be killed my larger crayfish,dwarf Mexican orange crayfish should be OK, I had them with ottos.bit don't get larger crayfish like electric blue crayfish.is it possible to get a 20 long just for crayfish?
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Crayfish have gills under their tails like lobsters they do not need to breath air.
The Crayfish King
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Crayfish have gills under their tails like lobsters they do not need to breath air.

Technically, the gills are underneath the front part of the exoskeleton, but yeah, they do not need to breathe air.
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Then I'm think about something else then idk what.
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Thanks! I have two now and they have found plenty of places to hide. The anubias hide them pretty well. I also added some more rocks that the serpaes can't get around.

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