Enough Filtration?

  1. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    okay, I've never actually checked with an expert, just my LFS. Is my filter powerful enough for my tank. It does 1,200 liters per hour, which is 300 gallons per hour. The tank is 55 gallons and the fish include

    1 tandanus catfish 5.5"
    1 black ghost knife 3.5"
    1 koi angelfish 3.5"
    1 shubunkin goldfish 5.5"
    1 clown loach 3"
    1 albino BN pleco 2.5"
    1 blue gourami 3"
    1 panchax killi fish 2.5"
    1 crayfish/yabby 2-3"
    2 common BN pleco 1.8"
    2 zebra danios 1.5"
    2 corys 1.5 & 2"
    3 kuhlies 3"

    I assume it is powerful enough knowing my tank stays clean with regular water changes and how fast the current is, all the plants lean one way. I also clean the filter every 3-4 weeks and do a 15% water change every 3-4 weeks, or a 40% water change every 6-8 weeks. I'd do more, but this part of Australia is on water restrictions.

  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    If your filter was a canister that did 300 gph, I'd say yes it's powerful enough.
  3. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    it's not a canister, because that was too expensive. it's an aqua one maxi 103F and it's 12-15 inches tall.

    btw, whats the difference between canister filters and normal filters, besides the fact their huge, external and expensive?

  4. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Canisters hold a lot more media than Hang on back power filters (HOBs) and are more efficient, which is why the flow rate for canisters is less then HOBs. Your filter is an internal power filter, which is good for certain applications. However, they don't hold much media and are not so efficient. Canisters are better than HOBs to the same degree that HOBs are better than internal filters.
  5. erk419 Member Member

    Whats your water stats?
  6. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Bad Wolf I have to give you one of these:nono: for your Shubunkin in with tropicals. :) Personally I would add some more filtration especially with the full stocking list that you have. Check into the Aqua Clear filters. I would personally like to see at least 500gph filtration for your tank. (if not more). Don't add so much though that it blows your fish around the tank. Aqua Clear makes a 110 w/500gph. I had to order mine from drsfostersmith.com
    Happy Holidays!:;rudolph
  7. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    I'm looking into getting a pond for the goldfish, but i'm not sure if i can, mums in the way. i dont want to get rid of him either, he's been in the family for 8 years nearly. canisters are too expensive. ill just try to do more water changes.
  8. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    I understand. I hope that you can get your pond :) The Aqua Clear filters are HOB's and not a canister filter (if that makes any difference for you). Have you posted any photos of your shubunkin?
    Happy Holidays!
  9. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    i'll try to get some pics soon
  10. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    in your tank, i agree that more filtration would be better. I know canisters are expensive. it doesn't have to be a canister, there are some good HOB's out there too. If you don't want to buy one new, I suggest checking out ebay, craigslist or its equivalent in your area. You could even ask at your LFS to see if they know of anyone who started a tank and doesn't want it anymore - maybe they'd be willing to sell the filter used to you.

    as far as your goldfish, i don't blame you for wanting to keep it. maybe you could talk to your family about getting it a tank of its own, maybe a 20 or 30 gallon. You could put extra filter media in your current tank now so that it'll be seeded for your new tank to instant-cycle... the only thing is that if you do it, you'll have to resist the temptation to add more fish than just the goldie to the new tank.
  11. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    If were up to me, I would get another tank, there are a lot of problems though. expense, rental, space, electricity bills etc.
  12. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    hmm... okay, check with your parents about the possibility of earning the extra money, if you want. You could mow grass, it's summer right now, so your neighbors would probably like that. Or if your parents don't want you to use a lawnmower, maybe other gardening work?

    otherwise, i'm out of ideas... i know you aren't able to make these decisions by yourself, but in the end you don't want your fish to suffer either.
  13. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    he's not suffering, he's doing fine, better than fine, great. i don't see the big problem. yes, goldfish are very messy and pollute the water fast, but i keep up with the water changes. and i thought i made it clear that money wasn't the biggest issue. it's space.

    i'm sorry if i'm sounding rude, but i'm offended that you are telling me my fish are 'suffering'.
  14. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Your fish are still small - as they grow, you'll run into more and more issues. But I'm glad you aren't experencing any problems as of yet.
  15. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    You didn't make it clear to me that space is the biggest problem. You listed expenses first:

    I'm sorry you felt offended. You asked about filtration, and got replies that you should have more. I assumed that since you asked, that you recognized a problem down the road and were wanting to address it. I was trying my best to come up with solutions to help you.

    I'm really glad he's going well. I hope that continues.
  16. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    solutions? you implied my fish were suffering.

    i didn't mention anything about money in this sentence.

  17. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh for goodness sake, let's not argue. I tried to offer assistance, you didn't like it, I'll not offer it any more since it isn't welcome. :)
  18. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    ya know what, i'd like it if this thread were just locked, i've got my answer.
  19. VenomGrass Member Member

    Come on dude, meenu is only trying to give advice and in my experience she is always correct too! With a great reputation on the forum - lets all get on :)
  20. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Seriously though, all the filtration in the world is not going to prevent the looming disaster within your tank.

    I, for one, am not interested in whether the fish is or isn't suffering. I don't care because the crayfish will probably eat your goldfish before it has a chance to outgrow the tank. The crayfish will also eat the pleco and will stress the loaches and corys to death....at which point it will eat them too. The panchax killi will eat the zebra danios once it's big enough. The angel and gourami fins will be destroyed by the crayfish, though they'll probably survive for a while. And for the ghost knife...I don't know. I think in 6 months time you'll have the knife, angel, gourami, killi, crayfish and the tandanus left.

    Then again, the tandanus could eat the crayfish when it molts. Or the crayfish could escape the tank and die under the couch. Or it could leave the fish alone. I've kept many crayfish over the years, and while it's possible the cray will live at peace with the fish, it's HIGHLY unlikely. Once you start seeing tears in the tail fins (torn fins are "missed" strikes and slow the fish down making it easier for next time), the countdown to fish armageddon has begun.