Endlers Staying At Surface

  1. D

    Daniel Price Valued Member Member

    Today I did gravel and water cleaning. I did use dechlorinator and used same temp water. Endler acting strange? In the corner at surface.

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  2. a

    all-out-fallout Valued Member Member

    What are your water parameters? Even if you just did a water change and a vacuum job, sometimes there can be debris that was missed and is causing an ammonia spike. I’d test the water first and foremost, and once water chemistry is confirmed or eliminated as a problem you can move from there.​
  3. OP

    Daniel Price Valued Member Member

    All parameters are good and ph is fine. it is only that one endler.

  4. a

    all-out-fallout Valued Member Member

    Does he have any visible marks or ailements when you watch him (other than staying at the top)? Also, does he seem bouyant, like he might have a swim bladder issue?

    Also if I could have your nitrate ppm that would be great info to have just in case.​
  5. OP

    Daniel Price Valued Member Member

    Now its moving around like normal. possibility it was a napping during that time.
  6. Koiman

    Koiman Valued Member Member

    Possibly low oxygen levels, or he could just be stressed because of the water change and the sudden movement around the tank. I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless he is still at the surface after 12 hours.

    If it is low oxygen levels, try adding in an air stone.
  7. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    My fish sometimes act odd after water changes, but they’ve gotten used to it.
  8. G

    Guppppppppy New Member Member

    What is the water temperature ?
  9. live4wetsleeves

    live4wetsleeves Well Known Member Member

    I would say it's probably your dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. Tap water typically had a much higher CO2 level than the aquarium water. Most of the time, fish hang around at the top because the tank has low DO. Near the surface is where gas exchange occurs and fish can get more oxygen up there. If it were me, I'd throw an aerator in the tank and run it for a little bit. It will agitate the water and cause CO2 to leave, and oxygen will replace it. The endlers should be happier after that. It could of course be a parameter/temperature issue but I've never seen fish hang out strictly at the surface for a chemical imbalance.