Endlers, Not Guppies

  1. abheeshs Member Member

    I was thinking I had guppies, turned out I have Endlers... Anything I need to change because of this?
  2. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Care is the same for either. If you have any females, it's only a matter of time before you have fry... Only thing that changes is that you can stock more endlers than guppies in your tank. Depending on where you got them, you may even have endler/guppy hybrids. What size tank do you have?

  3. abheeshs Member Member

    I have a 10g and I already have frys. Is it OK to mix endlers and guppys, from a fish health aspect?
  4. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Are you sure they are endlers? Usually they are hybrids between the two. Anyways, I agree, no change really.

  5. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    It's usually frowned upon from the "hardcore" folks in the hobby as pure strains are preferred, but from a health standpoint, no problems.
  6. abheeshs Member Member

    They have metallic body, not matte.