Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish - David Alderton


Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish - David Alderton
ISBN : 987-1-4053-2980-4

Description: A 400 page, very colourful book with a lot of s, information and details about fish.

Its divided into a number of sections - giving general information about starting up fish tanks (marine + freshwater) and ponds. The rest of the sections are dedicating to giving useful information (together with a LOT of s especially photos) regarding many types of fish, and plants. Its a good all-round book which I'd heavily recommend as a basic source.

Price: I bought mine for 23 Euros. Amazon has it at 20 dollars.

Pros: Gives a lot of useful information in easy-to-follow format. The best thing though is that its full of colour illustrations and pictures, so it really helps and is very easy to understand.

Cons: The only cons I can think of is while the book is broad, its also rather shallow. There isn't very detailed information about certain things, but its still a good reference.
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