Empire Gudgeons w/Swim Bladder Problems


Hey all, I’ve been housing my 4 Empire Gudgeons in my 35G for over than a year now.

For most of the part, I’ve been having a helper do the water changes as well as feed the fish since I’ve been away at college for all this time.

I’ve just got back and noticed that one of the Gudgeons as a deflated stomach as well as constantly sinks to the bottom (hence, why I suspect it is a swim bladder problem).

The tank is not heated and but is constantly at 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Water parameters are 0.00, 0.00, and 1.5 respectively.

I would appreciate all and any help on how to help this little guy recover (I attached a picture of him helplessly resting on a leaf below).

I suspect that the symptoms have emerged due to a lack of water changes (35% once a week) accompanied by over feeding. These fish have also been fed dry foods instead of the bloodworms they are usually accustomed to.

My immediate course of action would be to perform water changes (35% once every 2 days) with Seachem Prime (to serve as a Stress Coat) as well as getting some bloodworms ASAP due to the sheer malnourishment of the fish (probably due to a extreme competition with the other 3 Gudgeons)

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Bumping this up for you hope our members can help you today
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Coradee said:
Bumping this up for you hope our members can help you today
Appreciate it, thank you!
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