Emperor Tetras

Hey all, just finished my 55 Gallon planted scape and wanted to get to stocking. I really wanna put Emperor Tetras in there. I was thinking of doing a large school of like 20, would this be ok. And any tankmate suggestions?
How about 20 of them, and a gold gourami or an angelfish?
So I'm thinking I might do like 12, just so I have some room for maybe another school or pair of something, but if I go with
12x Emperor Tetras
1x Angelfish
Could I put some ottocinclus in with them and can ottos and Cory's be housed together? Thanks!
That would work too, just remember (in most cases) the bigger the school the better off your fish will be.
I love cory's so I would never not suggest them to someone, ottos are a bit more on the sensitive side and need an established tank to do well, but otherwise this plan is fine.

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