[emoji31] My Second Pleco Died- Within A Week Of His Mate

  1. ALLIROO Member Member

    About a week ago I lost my beautiful bristlenose albino longfinned Pleco to what I could tell and internal infection or an egg blockage. Incredibly sad for me as this was my favorite fish I owned. Today, her mate was on the bottom of the tank dead as well. My other fish in my tank are fine (angels, and danios) I feed them veggies, wagers, and sometimes frozen worms. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong- there was hiding places i clean the take weekly and change it’s water. Ammonia and nitrite levels normal. I’ve had these fish for a few months no problem and all of a sudden they’re just gone. (Not to me too no actually spent quite a bit on these fellas so I can’t just easily replace them because I’m in highschool and can’t work...)
  2. BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    So sorry for your loss. :( What are the exact numbers for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, please? "Normal" can mean different things to different people. Why do you suspect internal infection in the other pleco who died earlier?

  3. ALLIROO Member Member

    For me normal is a-
    Below .1-.15 ppm nitrite- 0 nitrate below 10-15 ppm. It’s just what I keep my tanks at. The female had an incredibly bloated belly when she was dead which I thought she was egg bound (but it was larger than normal) so I assumed that it was either an egg blockade or some kind of infection that could have caused excess gas or constipation.
  4. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Worms maybe ?

  5. ALLIROO Member Member

    I hope not. The male didn’t have a large stomach- no larger than normal at least. With worms what can you do to make sure your other fish don’t get the possibility of getting them? I want to avoid a full tank epidemic
  6. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    It is quite safe to worm fish to be sure.
  7. ALLIROO Member Member

    How do you deworm?