Emergency!! What To Do For My Poor Glowlight Tetras?!? Help | Page 2

  1. River Gray Initiate Member

    Mirrors is a great idea! When we had a beta we would occasionally use a mirror to give him “exercise” and to get good look at his fins etc. We had a beta care guide that suggested it. Didn’t think about it in this context so ya thanks. He definitely will get a lot of new friends if he lives...
  2. River Gray Initiate Member

    Do I use both the kanaplex and the furan2 at the same time or do I treat one than charcoal filter 24hrs and then remove it and use the next med? Should I do any water changes besides small ones prior to dosing for general cleaning and to make sure there’s not too much extra food in the tank.

    I’m almost definitely feeding him to much but since he is still getting an appetite back and yet still having some issues finding the best size flake pieces that he can handle after all the trauma of having the cotton mouth making eating hard and his gills still look they may be irritated tho I can’t see any signs that the disease is still doing damage but I’m not positive as occasionally I get a glimpse of his one side that still looks like the Gill is sticking out or something,but regardless both gills look red and raw and I know he’s probably still hurting some when he eats, hence the extra food in the water for him to have lots of choice and chances to nab some. Seems to really like the new garlic added flakes we got!

    So do the fish in our other tanks for that matter!!! .Hopefully the shrimp do too though I haven’t seen any specifically eating any, but if they don’t they can always eat the small amount of algae that grows and the pellets we add on occasion just to be sure they are all getting fed enough to hopefully start breeding soon! Lol!

  3. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Yep you use both at the same time. I would do a pretty large water change before starting the meds, around 50%.

    Glad he's still trying to eat! He's a fighter!