Emergency!! Rummy Nose Injured :(

Leah Beaver

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So I added six rummy nose tetras to my newly cycled tank yesterday.
In order to prevent the old store water from getting into the new tank, I netted the out of the bag after drip acclimation. During this process, one rummy's top fin got caught in the net!! I eventually got him out after about 5 minutes of seizure-like shaking!! Now the rest of the 5 rummys are schooling, and the injured one is just hanging out one one side of the tank!!! should I move him to a 20 gall QT? Please help me. His nose is still red, but he definitely struggles to keep up with the others. the only meds I have is stress coat, but I havent added any because I dont know if that is something you can add to the entire tank...... ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED!!!!

since no one responded..... I just put in a QT tank, hopefully he will be okay


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Next time put the net over a bucket and dump the pet shop bag into the net. The pet shop water goes into the bucket, then the net full of fish (or 1 fish) gets put into the aquarium. No dropping them in, put the net INTO the tank and let them swim away. If one gets tangled they shouldnt freak out too much and they should also get loose pretty quick and easy. Ive never had a problem doing it this way.
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