Emergency! Questions About Treating Parasites

  1. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    Hello. Yesterday, I saw that one of my guppies, Tobias, had something big sticking out of him. Here's a pic: 1e0c73e4a374021c0daa5ded2a58d9a0.jpg

    It's a little hard to see the redness in the pic, but he has gills that are a little redder than normal and a thin line of redness next to the thing sticking out. Also, two days ago, I posted here saying he had something sticking out of his butt, but the general way of thinking was that it was just poop. But the next day, a little bit of that was still there. I tried asking for help in the Freshwater Fish Diseases Forum in that same thread after I saw the new thing sticking out and no one responded.

    My questions:
    Is this a parasite for sure? If so, which type? I'm not even sure if it's partially internal or completely external. How do I medicate him and my other fish so he gets cured and the others don't get parasites or they get cured if they already have them? Is he probably going to die from this? Are my other fish probably going to die from this?

    Going to check on them for the first time today. Praying that I don't find any dead fish or more things sticking out of anybody.
  2. Mifuluhu Well Known Member Member

    It could be flukes...are they rubbing against things at all? Clamped fins?

    Use prazipro....flukes should be killed after a week or so but you need to continue treatment to kill off new cycles as the adult flukes are the only ones affected by treatment.

  3. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

  4. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    The pics are not very clear because of the zoom. If you see something red sticking out of its anus it may be camallanus worms. I cant see anything tho so just answering to what you say you see.

  5. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    Didn't know tank parameters were important for this, so I haven't tested most of them in the last few days. But here are the most recent ones I have:
    Nitrate about 1 ppm
    Nitrite 0 ppm
    Ammonia 0 ppm
    High range pH less than 7.4

    KH 4 drops, 66.6666 ppm
    High range pH less than 7.4
    pH 7.6
  6. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Tank params are almost always important so we can see what's possibly going on in there when there are health questions involved. I'm not seeing anything wrong in the pic but that doesn't mean nothing is. I still don't think it's parasites. I think it was just a poop and now you're really worried and stressing yourself out and making yourself worry. If you are really worried you can try some general cure and see if that helps but the fish appears ok to me at this point.
  7. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    HOW IN THE WORLD...? THE NEW THING THAT WAS STICKING OUT OF HIM IS GONE! HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S FEELING MUCH BETTER! He does have a red hole where it was, though. But he ate again today (didn't yesterday), even though it was just a little bit today. And he's swimming more normally than he was yesterday.

    How do I go about finding this thing and getting it out of the tank so I can protect my fish? And is the red hole indicative of any particular type of parasite? I want to know so I can know which type of medication to get.

  8. scarface Well Known Member Member

    Is it coming out of its vent? I can't tell by the pic.
  9. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Pretty sure it's indicative of a good poop after constipation lol.
  10. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    I should post a pic of how he normally looks so you guys can see the difference.

  11. scarface Well Known Member Member

    you could try prazipro. And do the treatment for a week. It won't harm your biological filter and harmless if you have inverts too.

    From the pic, it looks like it's coming from the side of the body and not the vent?
  12. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    Is the vent his gills?

    Is there anything I can get that I don't have to order online? I don't want to wait for shipping because I'm worried one of my fish will die before the Prazipro gets here.

    Pic of how he normally looks, except he's a little bigger now, 'cause this is from when he was still growing:

  13. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    The vent is his butt
  14. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Apparently I'm 4 because this made me laugh so hard for absolutely no reason. I guess hanging out with my three boys has made me a little more immature xD
  15. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    Oh. Well then, it's not coming out of his vent lol.

    Forgot to say that the relevant stores I can get to are PetSmart, Petco, Pet Valu, Walmart, and maybe Pet Supplies Plus.
  16. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    PraziPro wont touch camallanus worms which are the only red thing I could imagine coming out of his butt. I dont think you are dealing with any parasites, you are just paranoic. If camallanus worms were advanced to the point they are sticking out of its butt your guppy wouldnt look and act healthy.
  17. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    That's very strange, it looks like it was sticking right out of his side? Maybe I'm not looking at that right? Are you maybe overfeeding him? That almost looks like half-digested fish food erupting out of his side. Like a hernia or something. I've never kept guppies, though. I may be looking at the picture wrong.
  18. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Like I said, my best bet is that the guppy took a giant poo and it stretched the vent, or anus if you will, a bit because it was large. It will be ok. It happens.
  19. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    But why would anything be sticking out of him (not out of his vent, it was closer to his side than his vent is) and leave a red hole when it suddenly disappeared?
  20. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Yeah. I don't know much about guppy anatomy, but is that where their vent is?