Emergency, quarantine mistake. Someone please help me!!


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I am so mad at myself, and I cannot believe I let this slip. I got cocky in the hobby as a newcomer (been in about 3 months) but was truly trying to do the right thing.

I have a planted 55 gallon tank and just bought 6 new panda Corydoras for it on Thursday. I have invested a lot into that tank these past few months and decided it is time to QT any new comers to be 100% safe.

So, I bought a 10 gallon tank for QT, and brought over a sponge filter from my existing tank that was in there for about 4 weeks.
I dropped the cories in their new tank around 12 afternoon on Thursday with the sponge filter. They were doing well, but you could tell they were shy. These last few days however, they weren’t moving much. I just figured new environment, which I cannot believe I was that stupid.
So tonight, Monday at 11 PM, I tested the water. Ammonia was in the middle of 0 and .25 and nitrite was as well! These poor guys have been through a mini cycle. I immediately did back to back 50% water changed dosed with prime and here I am sitting feeling absolutely awful about my arrogance.

They have been in the tank from Thursday afternoon to now Monday night. Can these guys make a recovery or is the damage done? I am planning on changing their water every day now.
I am so stupid for not thinking that a mini cycle could happen, or maybe a whole new cycle entirely and I feel so stupid and guilty. None are dead, which I feel extremely lucky about.
We’re they in there for too long, or do you think they could be okay in the end? This was a sobering moment, and a mistake I know I will never make again.
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liquid test have an error of up to +/- .5 so i wouldnt worry to much if it was a one off reading. even if it wasnt a false positive they should be fine.

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