EMERGENCY!!! My fish has lost its colour! Whats happening???

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by clover, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. clover

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    HELP! over the past month my standard goldfish has lost its colour! for about two months now, one of my orange goldfish had been getting very pale. The fish is now bright white. there is obviously a problem but what is it!? ??? i have done tons of research and have found nothing! only information about fish getting darker! i have two other goldfish in the ten gallon tank and they are more than fine!
    The ill fish's eyes are beginning to bulge out which if i'm correct is due to an internal infection which i will treat.
    Should i quaranteine the fish whist treating?
    it seems to be very poorly, just sits there in the corner staring at the bubble windmill.
    I don't want my fish to die! i've had them for over two years now! :'(
    any help or advice would be most appreciated!
    if anyone knows whats wrong with it that would be wonderfull so i can make it better!
  2. Butterfly

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    Don't know what the problem is but, Yes by all means quarantine while treating it. This way you won't be medicating fish that don't need it.
  3. onelovie

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    When I first got my fantail goldfish, about 2 years ago, it was a weird color, sort of greyish. But after a while, it started to turn to gold, it worked from the bottom up. It was really, really strange! Now, it is bright gold. Sorry I can't help with the other issues. Not sure if the illness is related to the color change, my fish changed colors but didn't have any of the other symptoms you listed. Good luck!!!
  4. Gunnie

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    Clover, what are you ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. It's fantastic that you have kept these fish for 2 years! However, the general rule for good goldfish health is 10 gallons per goldfish. Could it possibly be that your water quality it deteriorating because the fish are getting big? Also, what do you feed them and how often?
  5. OP

    cloverNew MemberMember

    due to the lack of information available on the internet about this particular problem, i went down to my local fish shop to see if they could give me any advice. The man instantly knew what the problem was. He said that golden coloured fish sometimes lose their colour turning silver or white due to old age or just geting big. it can also be due to too much light affecting the colour pigment. Soo. . . i have moved the fish to a seperate tank where i am treating it for internal ifection due to the bulging eyes, i am also keeping the light off and maintaining a good air supply. The man said the colour wouldn't return but my fishis definately looking brighter.
    thankyou for all your help.
  6. Butterfly

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    Glad your fish is doing better!!!! keep us posted and let us know how it's doing.
  7. Miss Mouse

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    Thats what my goldfish have done too - they were both BRIGHT orange when I got them as babys but now that they've got bigger they're losing the orange starting from their bellys up, turning white. The ones in our pond have gone completely white - and one of them has stayed mottled orange and white. Pretty cool :)