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  1. iancrayguy Member Member

    Will this work edb29226d6f63be191ba40e5a29871d8.jpg
  2. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I honestly would not use chemicals to lower ammonia and nitrites, water changes are better. I feel like a lot of those chemicals end up messing up the cycle even more.

  3. iancrayguy Member Member

  4. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    You also need to find out if your tap has ammonia. If it does, you may need to use a chemical if that is what you bought. I would just wait until you run out of the other dechlorinator you have and get Prime next time.

  5. iancrayguy Member Member


    So my pleco died unfortunately and I wiped him with a towel and we’re the red is it look like he was bleeding is this ammonia posing
  6. Paradise fish Well Known Member Member

    Was it from its gills?
  7. iancrayguy Member Member

    No it’s right in the back not on the fin

  8. Paradise fish Well Known Member Member

    Then it was your crayfish.
  9. iancrayguy Member Member

    Nope not that

    They have not been in contact

    I think I have ammonia prombles is that maked him bleed he did not lose scales or anything my other fish is like that too 0fc1747884f513e3948418e9d58d95fc.jpg

    I mean 7 fish died and they were all had red on them
  10. Paradise fish Well Known Member Member

    And not from the gills?
  11. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Those poor fish. Did you get the test so you can let us know the ammonia results?

    Could it be septicemia? I'm not super familiar with it.
  12. iancrayguy Member Member

    No unfortunately but I got ammonia reducer and I ian pretty sure it’s not septicemia

    I am younger and can’t do these things fast
  13. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Oh. Your profile says your 40, not that age really has anything to do with this issue. I guess just keep up on the daily 75% water changes. It's hard to help sometimes when we don't know if it's a water quality issue or an illness.
  14. iancrayguy Member Member

    Alright I will do that!
  15. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Really sorry to hear things aren't getting better.

    If you're doing 75% water changes a day and still have fish dying then you MAY have a bacterial infection spreading through the tank. It's too bad you didn't get some test strips as it would be good to actually know the water parameters. When you get these problems you eliminate one thing and move on to the next. Right now, though, we still don't KNOW the water is good, which is frustrating, but with so much water changed, unless you're massively overfeeding or never cleaned the waste from the gravel, it's hard to imagine the tank generating that much ammonia or nitrite. If you're young you may have difficulty doing things quickly, but the weekend is coming so maybe you can get some sympathetic adult help (promises of washed cars and raked leaves sometimes help sweeten the deal)- one trip to the store to get test strips, and if the water is good maybe another to get antibiotics (I know you likely don't want to get both on one trip as money can be tight when young.)
  16. iancrayguy Member Member

    Maybe country max or somwere else has them
  17. Kroh Lykwoh Initiate Member

    A local fish store should be able to test your water, call around and see if any in your area does. They just need a cup of tank water. Good luck
  18. iancrayguy Member Member

    Haha that’s funny lucky I won a lottery ticket and got 10 dollars that I can put twards it

    So far no fish died or have red on them

    Alright thanks they all seem fine but the pleco eyes are a tiny bit cloudy b75045e5645d0e34685c2b31601f2a68.jpg

    I also noticed that his eye crayfish is a little red but he seems fine will he be alright or

    0f7d0bfa86cd072f7a11c7fbda230a3e.jpg the camera makes it look worse he right one I don’t know what happened
  19. iancrayguy Member Member

    There my main concern
  20. iancrayguy Member Member

    His eye looks better