Emergency - Fish Dying

  1. iancrayguy Member Member

    I need help I have a 20 gallon tank and all the fish are dying I have no clue what is happening but here’s a picture of what it does to one of mine the is no cholrien in tank a8e52ebf6dca7ee9643ae86bef2495a6.jpg
  2. Paradise fish Well Known Member Member

    How long have you had this tank going?

  3. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Might want to do a 75% water change. The fish is showing symptoms of ammonia poisoning.
  4. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    Do a water change 50 to 75% it looks like red gills, possibly ammonia. If you can grab a tube of the water to test, and test again after the wc. Please post parameters before (if you can) and after. If it is ammonia and we know the ammount, we can see approx how much water you need to change. Do you have somethinf like Prime that will detoxify ammonia?

  5. iancrayguy Member Member

    7 months

    I did a water change yesterday about 85% of it and get still dying

    I got 2 plecos and 2 crayfish and they seem fine
  6. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Just keep doing 75% water changes daily until it seems to be getting better. The black marks and red gills are both signs of high ammonia.
  7. iancrayguy Member Member


  8. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    What are your water parameters? Have you tested your tap water for ammonia? What kind of test are you using? Drops or strips? What have you added to your tank already?
  9. iancrayguy Member Member

  10. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    What are your parameters?
    Have you cycled this tank?

    PS: I would buy the liquid water test not test stripes. Test stripes aren't very accurate.

  11. iancrayguy Member Member

    I don’t know I will tonight later

    Nothing added to the tank but stuff to get rid of cholrine I had to put the fish in my baby cray tank

    Ok liquid water I never liked to test strips anyway
  12. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    No no no, get the drops if you are able. The strips are inaccurate
  13. iancrayguy Member Member

    Ok drops it is
  14. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    If you are able, look for the API master kit. It is a little spendy (I think around 30 in store and 20 on Amazon), but a literal life saver. It will allow you to test for the parameters of your Ph, Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates. All of these parameters need to be watched to keep your fish healthy.

    We also need to find out if there is ammonia in your tap water. If there is, these water changes are not helping.
  15. Paradise fish Well Known Member Member

    Are you sure you're not over stocking?
  16. IndigoTJo Well Known Member Member

    Why don't you list what your tank size is and what fish you have in there. Are any other fish/inverts showing any symptoms? They may vary some across species.

    What brand of dechlotinator are you using? The brand Prime actually dechlorinates and removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates for 24/48 hrs. Might be something to look into when you run out of what you have.
  17. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I won't argue that a chemical test kit isn't better than strips, but strips are more than enough, and much faster, so more likely to be used, than a kit. Strips are accurate enough to tell you when something is going wrong, and there's no chance of adding the wrong number of drops or wrong chemical. If you go with strips you'll probably need two kinds- ammonia only, and 'everything else.' I'm not telling you not to get the more accurate test kit, but strips are also useful.

    I'll echo what others have said- the red gills are indicative of ammonia poisoning. It makes no difference that other fish haven't show symptoms. Some species/individuals are more susceptible than others, and it appears individuals reach a 'tipping point' where their symptoms get quite noticeable. Since you can't tell for sure with measurements I'd also advise water changes, making sure to dechlorinate the new water, as chlorine/chloramine will hurt already hurting gills.
  18. iancrayguy Member Member

    Ok I am using aquion starter because it says it instantly gets rid of chlorine and yes I was over stocking and my crays seem fine no diffent in color or anything
  19. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm guessing the crayfish may end up eating/ tearing apart the other fish.
  20. iancrayguy Member Member

    They did

    There all in a different tank