EMERGENCY! - Blood Parrot Really Sick

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    Hi all;

    My first post here. One of my 4 blood parrots is really sick. Need help identifying the symptoms and, hopefully, solutions. He's been sitting on the gravel for the last 2 days, breathing heavily. Swims up to feed and then goes back to the bottom. This morning he started turning on his side. Water quality is not an issue. All readings are normal (Nitrates, nitrites, ammonia are all at zero. pH is 6.9, temperature is 80 degrees F.) I've had this 55Gal tank established for almost 12 years with only 4 blood parrots in it. Filtration is with Eheim. This is the first time he's got so sick.

    Quick google research shows only two possible scenarios: swim bladder disease or ich. I ruled ich out, as he's not covered in white spots (although he is pale). As he is starting to turn on his side, I did the emergency Epsom salt bath - 2 tbsp of salt for 2 gallons of aquarium water in a separate pail. He's been in the pail for 25 min (see the photos). He's back in the tank now and sitting on the bottom...

    HELP! He's dying...


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    I'm so sorry this is happening. Is he showing any signs of bloating, internal parasites etc? I don't have much experience with cichlids anyways but hopefully someone who knows more than me comes along. If remove him from the epsom salts bath after half an hour and put him back into the tank. I hate to say this but it may just be his time the Moon is calling him back to that big ol' lake in the sky... how old are the BMPs? Where and when did you get them? Im really stumped here i'm so sorry I can't help I hope he's alright and makes a full recovery...
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    If your fish are 12 yo then it may just be his time.