29 Gallon Tank Emergancy cycling help/ Weird fuzz on plants algea or dirt film / Plus melt back questions and more


Hiya everyone sorry i have so many questions i will separate them as much as i can.

Nitrite question

I had to do an emergency fish-in cycle caused by a broken tank from my move when a mover cracked the old 29gal tank. I used a full "MarineLand Bio-Spira Freshwater Bacteria, for Starting New Aquariums" packet within a few days of adding the substrate/fish/plants in (amazon was the only place i could buy it at the time) in my new 29gal about two and half weeks ago. I do weekly water changes every Saturday with a hose to sink python knock off Using an API Freshwater master test kit the levels are, pH is 7.4ish (about the same for our tap water) Ammonia is reading 0 ppm, Nitrate is around 40ppm (which matches the tap water) Temperature 78f , Nitrite is barely purple so i am assuming anywhere from 0.10-0.25 ppm (which i know is bad for fish) i have issues seeing close color shades i can take a pic of all the colors if needed now should i get another packet (it made the readings from extreme danger level to okish within a day all but the nitrites seem to be normal now) anything i can do to lower those i think it was because i had to remove the old filter yesterday it was covered in white mold and reeked the filiter was nearly 3 months old from my old tank (it was causing me breathing issues and scratching for a week the mold was the cause i think i haven't had a allergy like issues since) all my fish are fine showing no signs of stress unlike their first few days of in the new tank.

Algea or dirt film or both (pics included)

My plants all have what i think is black beard algae on them i just turned down the hours of lighting from 11 to 8hrs yesterday in hopes to help it. or maybe it was some dirt film i accidentally stirred the gravel a few days ago adding in some drift wood and new plants, and some of the dirt puffed up and now just noticed the film, or its the starting of algae of some sort can you help me in anyway of clearing it? I do weekly water changes every Saturday with a hose to sink python knock off, i do have some cherry shrimp coming in maybe they will help.

Melt back questions and plant stuff(picks included)

Heres all the plants i have in the tank are listed below as-well as equipment and what i do with them, the water sprite and myrio green seem to be melting back they where planted last week was all looking nice and green till recently the myrio green started loosing alot of needles on some of the plants aswell as the tops are going light brown, as for the water sprite the stem and leaves of some of them are getting brown spots, now both have started dropping these roods from near their leaves/branch offs was wondering if that means something bad i dont mind the look im going for a wild look anyways weird i know the micro swords where planted yesterday with the betta bulbs so no changes there yet, the moss balls seem to be shedding? falling apart? i roll and squeeze them weekly am i squeezing to hard? any way to fix them? i know they are cold water and i am reaaaalllly pushing its limits with the 78F its color hasnt changed the film thats on the rest of the plants comes off with the cleaning but shows up again the next day other then that the moss is fine, the anacharis is growing so much better in the soil which before the move i had it in sand its the original plant i had with the moss balls the rest are new. as for dwarf grass i wanted a good carpeting plant for the future shrimp if the micro sword never grows is there a way to boost the VERY tiny two tuffs that had some green (like 3 leaves) but then turned fully brown when i got them planted but they are now getting green little shoots so i think it was going through a melt back aswell. i am not dosing ferts it is a thick layer of soil,sand, and a thin layer of gravel, i have root tabs i can add but didnt want to over load the tank to much not with the nitrite still needing resolved (the tabs are shrimp safe my old ghost shrimp never had issues with them when i had them with my anacharis in sand) i want to avoid using fluid ferts with the future snails as much as i can the cory and shrimp are very sensitive to stuff like that.

Over stocking question

The list of things in the tank now are below i was wondering is this pushing it way to hard or should i rehome the mystery snails ( they where babies i saved from when my sisters snail bred) and more of the guppies (i want to keep atlest the male and 2 female) i feed the extra guppies to a friends turtle anyways to keep the tank healthier i have really never had issues with perimeters with the current amount i have now i could up the 1 week water changes to two times a week for the shrimps sake?

Water parameters
Temperature 78f
pH is 7.4ish (about the same for our tap water)
Ammonia is reading 0 ppm,
Nitrate is around 40ppm (which matches the tap water)
Nitrite is barely purple so i am assuming anywhere from 0.10-0.25 ppm


Myrio green (known as fox tail),
water sprite,
anacharis (water weed ect),
Micro sword (which i know in the end wont do well in my low tech tank without co2 now after googling it despite the petco saying no need for it) ,
dwarf grass which i could only save a few tuffs from the shipment i got so you really cant see it in the pics,
moss balls,
betta bulbs (aponogeton sp the package said)
and a mystery plant i have no idea what it is but grows soooo fast its the one thats reaches the water surface and is already flowering

Timer Module for Beamswork or EVO Quad LED Aquarium Light Fixture (i just turned down the hours of lighting from 11 to 8hrs yesterday)
Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable (90cm - 36") (on max brightness i can turn it down if needed but i just cut out some hours so waiting to see if that helps)
30gal air stone (which i turned off hoping to keep co2 in)
Fish tank heater that came with the tank set
whisper filter that came with the tank set (pet smart set up)

Fish and critters

2 molly female
2 platy female
2 male guppies (ones a baby whos being re-homed after he grows some) 3 females plus random fry to small and fast to count (they are the blue/black ones that look like they have dragon scales so cool)
3 emerald cory
4 mystery snails
1 nerite snail
and a handful of cherry shrimp coming (5-15 depending on what the breeder sends me its his culls)


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