Emerald Dwarf Rasbora With Celestial Pearl Danios?


I just got some EDRs and the guy at my LFS recommended CPDs as future tankmates. I’ve been reading online that they could hybridize and should therefore be kept separate. I don’t intend to breed, but why would it be bad if they did hybridize in my tank?

maggie thecat

I have both together. Despite the CPD reputation as a ready breeder, I have never seen a single fry. (Other egg layers in the tank have done so.)

I wouldn't worry too much about it. The rasbora boost the CPDs confidence, and they tend to be more visible and less shy.


They definitely hybridize (having at least one hybrid in my tank). My son kept them together.

I am not a fan of hybrids and try to prevent but in our hobby there all kind of opinions.
In corys it is a sin, in other fish often "a blessing.

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