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    I had heard that emerald corys aren't true corys.. Does this have to do with their size or something?
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    There is some debate on whether Brochis Splendens (emerald corys) should be included in the cory family & although recent research suggests they should be it hasn't been universally accepted to my knowledge.
    The main differences between them & corys is size & they have more rays in their dorsal fin than corys.
    Their care & behaviour is the same as corys & they will cohabit peacefully.
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    I love my 7 Emerald Cory Cats! Great little fish.

    I have moved your thread to Catfish/Corydoras section of the forum.


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    Currently the correct name is Corydoras splendens, though the placement in that Genus is disputed. The species formerly placed in Brochis have more rays in the dorsal fin than Corydoras or Aspidoras. Correct names, however, are based on current publications.

    They were always in the same family, Callichthyidae, and same subfamily, Corydoradinae.
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    Are you sure about that ???
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    This website is the ultimate resource for the curren scientific name of any fish that has been described:


    Enter any name that was ever valid for the species, and it will give you a list of publications relating to the naming of the species. The last line in each paragraph will say, "currently valid as....." and the current name of the species. They research hundreds of papers per year to ensure the accuracy of the listings.

    Occasionally Dr. Eschmeyer will make a judgement call on a paper based on whether or not he believes the paper was properly written. He's usually right. The listing is based on publication, not the taxonomy. One flaw is that the list can't get every paper. Something described or discussed in an aquarium organization's journal, for example, may miss their scrutiny until it is mentioned in some proper scientific journal.

    Names are my game.:;tmi

    Planetcatfish has not updated their listing, it still has Brochis listed as the genus. They may feel that the change isn't justified, but it was properly published.
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    Thanks, I have a look later on my PC (now on my cellphone). Interesting site !!