Ember tetra breeding

  1. Nympxzie Member Member

    I found another 2 fry today, making 7 total babies and 10 total offspring bred from my original school. I now have a total of 22 tetra. They seem to be breeding on a bi-weekly basis. I'll post photos along with specs of the tank and chemical tests in the next few updates.
  2. Graphix Well Known Member Member

    Nice! How old are your oldest fry? Have they grown much?

  3. Nympxzie Member Member

    The oldest fry are 4 to 6 weeks old - they're nearly indistinguishable from the adults at this point. The fry's color is fully developed at about 3 to 5 days, they show orange tint only hours - 1 day after birth.
  4. Graphix Well Known Member Member

    that's incredible. Do you seperate the fry into a grow out tank or do anything special for their growth? Really cool that your school of fish grows on its own!