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    I have a 5g RCS tank at work. I think one (or two) of my RCS has parasitic dinoflagellates and ellobiopsidae (aka ellobiopsidae).
    I've done a little research and saw 2 methods:

    Salt dip

    Not sure if anyone has any experience with this? Any other methods?

    Should I separate the shrimp? I can go out and buy a 2gallon tank tonight and separate them and salt dip them tomorrow if need be.

    Any and all info is welcome! I'm so upset :(

    I have a video uploading to youtube since the fishlore app won't ever let me attach videos. It says it'll take 25min to finish uploading (i don't have a good connection here at work). I'll post it ASAP so we can figure out if its ellobiopsidae or not. For now, can we start discussing treatments and next course of action?

    Edit: here's the video link
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    So I've done as much research as I can as well as call around asking specialty stores about it. I've heard mixing info:

    Its common and easy to fix
    Its deadly and is a 50/50 chance
    Its contagious
    Salt dip

    So far i think I'm going to do a salt dip tomorrow and see what happens.

    I separated the shrimp from the rest and set up a 1g emergency tank since my QT is in use. I wanted a 2-3g but persmart was out. Might see if the other store has one and transfer him again.

    Here's the setup:

    You can see him on the fake plant on the left.

    I hope he makes it

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    I am sorry that your shrimp are not doing well. I wish you the best of luck treating, and hope they pull through!

    i had absolutely no idea this was a possibility for shrimp. So thank you for this post, I know what I need to research next.

  5. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Double check any medication you may use, many are NOT for invertebrates.
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    I was going to try asalt dip first :)
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    I bought a 5.5 gallon and will be transferring him tonight.

    However, I got a response from aquaticarts.com about it:


    I'm excited that they're refunding me and giving me 5 more for free. I'm also going to try the black out trick and see what happens! If not... then the salt dip... if not then the meds. I'll keep you guys updated on what happens!

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    Thank you for this thread. It definitely answers a question I had about one of mine who passed. I had thought it was just a concern with her giving birth, but I realize now it wasn't.

    Where did you order them from? I really want to get some blues for my girls' tank, and that type of service is awesome.

    Please keep us posted on what processes you use and if they work. Shrimp care is still rather new, so personal experiences would be a great resource.
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    I order through aquaticarts.com
    They have a bunch of shrimp, snails, plants and fish! I absolutely love their customer service! I had a dead on arrival and they refunded me. They also refunded me for the shrimp with ellobiopsidae and are sending 5 more (highest grade) for free. They also offered to send me some paraguard but I already ordered some :)
    I ended up being able to add a plant and snail to my order, so I'm excited for their arrival this week.
  10. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Awesome, thank you. You are the second person who has recommended them :)

  11. Stephinpdx Initiate Member

    Gotta love great customer service!
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    I literally just started seeing this on a few females but theyre so tiny I kept thinking I just wasn't seeing things correctly. I happened to unplug the heater because it's upwards of 110F outside right now and only going to get hotter, my tank was never getting below 79.5F. The RCS share the tank with CPDs, and they both like much cooler water than that. I'm hoping the cooler water and some extra water changes will help. I'm also going to do a 4 day black out and cross my fingers. There's no way I could really isolate all the affected shrimp, that tank would be nearly impossible to catch them from. Ahhhhh D:
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    I'll be the third, I've bought both fish and inverts off of them, and they always have come in healthy and thriving.
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    I finished the blackout on mine. He hasn't gotten any worse but I'm not sure if the blackout did much of anything. However this might be because he's at such beginning stages anyway. It might work for more advanced stages. Let me know how yours goes! I'm on day 2 of paraguard. I'm only doing 1ml for 5.5g but I'm slowly increasing the meds as I go. Since seachem refuses to test it, they can't guarantee its shrimp safe for all shrimp so I'm taking a little precaution.
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    My little shrimp has been through a lot. I did about 5-7 days of paraguard and at first wasn't seeing any improvement. I noticed a HUGE ammonia spike and did several back to back 50% water changes for several days. It took forever to go down and then turned into a HUGE nitrite spike. Never knew 1 shrimp in a 5.5g could make 5+ppm waste (with weekly/bi-weekly water changes).

    Because of that spike, I wasn't treating with paraguard during that time. Didn't want to add more stress and kill him. Now that I have a new filter (finnex pf-5) and the water has been managable, I'll start dosing again. I did a quick look the other day and I believe I'm seeing progress but I'll take a second look tonight. He did moult at least once, so that's good news to me!
  16. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Please do keep us updated. I recently lost one, and my paraguard literally just came in (just sat back down from answering the door), so I definitely want to know if this works in the event that any others show signs.
  17. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I replied to your post. I've heard that removing all moults for 1-2 weeks helps it from spreading to others? Try doing that and keep a close eye.
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    So I believe my shrimp has took a turn for the worst. The ellobiopsidae is much larger than before. I'll be doing another round of paraguard to see if it keeps it down. I stopped treatment previously because i didn't see any signs of ellobiopsidae and have been neglecting to take a magnifying glass to it.
  19. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. At least it's still alive :)