Eleocharis Vivipara Can I Create Long Carpet Form This Plant

  1. Shaizada Initiate Member

    Some people says that i can create dense carpet from this plant but i am not sure
  2. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Yes with co2 and enough light

  3. Shaizada Initiate Member

    thanks buddy i will try update soon growth is great but not horizontaly only vertically
  4. KeeperOfASilentWorld Well Known Member Member

    Yes they do form a dense carpet. You would need over 30ppm of CO2 and over 60 PAR on the substrate. Enjoy :)

  5. Shaizada Initiate Member

    Thanks but they growing vertically. My light t5ho 100watts over 22gallon and par value is above 60 i am using DIY co2 system so i dont know how much ppm i get but i thinks co2 is enough. Please guve any suggestions to grow the grass horizontaly
  6. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    To the best of my knowledge vivipara is not a carpeting plant. Instead it is used for tall grass like bushes, usually placed in the background. Propagation is usually from removing the new plant that will start to grow from the mother plants leaf tips. I believe you can divide the mother plant as well with no harm.
    If you want a carpet, your best way would be to grow the plantlets, replant them, and when you have enough trim them heavily. If you want something a bit faster, looking into the other elocharis species meant for carpeting (parvula, acicularis, sp. mini, etc... sure I murdered the spelling of scientific names but should get you close enough to google it)
  7. KeeperOfASilentWorld Well Known Member Member

    Apologies I confused Vivipara and Parvula. No you cannot carpet Vivipara.

  8. Shaizada Initiate Member

    Thanks guys for replying I ordered eleochris pervula (dwarf hairgrass) and vivipara is doing great they grow 17 cm in just week I really surprised