Electricity shut down

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    So I'm curious (because this happens every summer here in Southern California) what to do if electricity gets shut down. It always annoys me to no end but now I have fish too and the fish should be fine but if the water doesn't flow through the bb is it gonna mess up my cycle?
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    One thing you can do is build a battery powered sponge filter.
    There's a link with a tutorial for how to build a sponge filter. I'd hook it up to a regular air pump to get the BB to cultivate on it. If the power goes out, disconnect it from that air pump and connect it to the battery powered one until the power comes back.

    PetSmart has battery powered air pumps that also plug into the wall. They don't run off of electricity, but if plugged in and the power goes it, the pump will automatically turn on.

    Reviews say they're noisy but a little noise is a small price to pay to keep my babies alive. I'll be building 3 of these during the week to prepare for the coming monsoon season. We rarely lose power but better to be prepared than lose hundreds of dollars in fish. lol
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    No kidding! Thank you for that idea! And thanks to Coradee for the plethora of info linked through that thread!