Electric Blue Rams

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    For a few months I have been eyeing up Electric Blue Rams that are in stock at my LFS. As I've no experience with them I decided against stocking them in my 26 gallon. However I'll never gain the experience unless I try. That said, I'm not and won't just go throwing them in...

    I understand these aren't considered a beginner fish, and while they're not difficult to care for, they're not easy either.

    Currently I have a 26gallon which is currently home to 9 neon tetras, 9 panda corydora (4 of them rather small) and 1 male BN plec.

    My understanding from what i've read up is that Rams should be OK with Corys and the BN but the tetras are a no no - is this correct?

    Also I understand that my tank is fully stocked as is stands, but a friend of mine has offered to take in my neons (she's a 30g which is home to neons only).

    Can a Rams water temperature and living conditions match that of the Corys and BN? The tank is 25celcius and has fast moving water.

    Without the neons I believe I should be able to stock a Ram or 2....?

    Should I get 2 Rams (or more for them to pair up) or would 1 on it's own be OK? I ask this as I've read that if I happen to get 2 males this could cause all sorts of problems.

    All advice/suggestions/experience is appreciated.

    Thank you all :)
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    Bumping this up for you
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    EBRs need warmer temps than panda cories and neon tetras. I would go with bolivian rams instead.
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    Ha! I had a 20 long QT tank set up with new kuhli's that were supposed to go into my 30g to beef up that school. Well....... I came across the most beautiful small pair of EBRs and walked around the lfs forever telling myself "no impulse buys, no impulse buys" lol. Needless to say I did not listen and have turned the QT into a main tank that now has the most beautiful EBRs and 6 kuhli loaches. I am looking for a small tetra to add after I finish stocking a few other tanks.

    They are gorgeous fish and this is why I have MTS so bad. If I want it and it doesn't fit in one of my current tanks, I get another one going. Sadly, I am out of room so that game is over.

    It is tough to resist a fish like this
    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1465615549.930788.jpg

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1465615579.677644.jpg