Electric Blue Marble Veil Fin Angels!

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by bopsalot, Apr 12, 2017.

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    I'm so excited! I wanted some interesting angelfish to be the centerpieces in my 4 foot 60 gallon aquarium and they arrived in the mail today. They only had to spend about 36 hours in shipping and they all arrived healthy and well. I acclimated them over 90 minutes and added them to their new home 3 hours ago. So far they seem to be adjusting well. It's so cool! I only ordered 3, but received 5. There's the 2 "electric blue" marbles, the blue zebra pearlscale widefin, and two extras- one looks like he may be a wildtype/phillipine blue cross, he has the traditional 3 stripe thing going on. And the other extra is nearly colorless, with very small coloration near the head and on his fins. They are dime-sized juveniles, it'll be fun watching them grow and their color develop. Don't know if I really have room for 5 in a 4 foot, 60 gallon tank, but I'm pretty sure my LFS would happily take blue angels in trade if it comes to that. My last concern is about feeding. I hope these guys will be aggressive eaters (all my other angels always have been). I have never kept any quite so young before, though. Hopefully it will not prove challenging. I'll give them 2 days to adjust before attempting to feed them. I'm so happy that everything is going so well!
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    Can you post photos? They sound beautiful. And welcome to Fishlore!
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    We'd love pictures if you have any!
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    Lights are off for now to reduce stress, but I will try to take some photos tomorrow. They are so tiny! 3 are hiding in decorations, but 2 have camped out near the heater, so i'll photograph them when I turn the lights on. From what I understand, they don't display much blue coloration until they are older, and sometimes its pretty subtle, but some specimens can be quite blue under the right conditions! I'll see what I have tomorrow.
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    I assume you got them from Angel Mania?

    For the record, a Philippine blue can also be called a blue silver. They look just like a silver angel only they're more blue colored. It's not a cross breed.

    I'd also enjoy photos.

    I have a few full grown spawning adults that I received as dime-sized babies from Angela Mania. They are very pretty fish.
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    Pictures please! Where do you get them?
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    Oh cool. I figured out how to resize the image and post the smaller version. Now I need to figure out how to post multiple photos on one reply. Yes, they are from Angelmania. They are so cute! And full of personality already.
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    That is an adorable angelfish!! :)

    That is a ton of black coverage though. You're really not going to see much blue at all unfortunately.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the others :)
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    I already see some blue on this one! Lovely!
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    Love this one. Can't wait to see when it when it's bigger.
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    Can't find the platinum-ish one or the blue silver (thanks for the identification) They are likely inside one of the hollow decorations. I saw them hiding underneath the large hollow fake rock a few hours ago... Hopefully they turn up soon.
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    Nice angels!
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    Thanks everyone for sharing my excitement! I love those angelfish! Found the blue silver hiding at the very top, out of view behind the aquarium rim. Number 5 is still missing. Gotta be somewhere, although I once put a male betta into my community tank- he promptly disappeared. I figured he was hiding, but he never showed back up! He was gone in literally 1 minute, never seen again. I took everything out looking for him, but no trace. Finally I concluded that he must have jumped out through the 2 inch gap in the hood for the filter outflow, and was eaten by my cats??? Anyway, I hope to see that last angel tomorrow...
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    Very nice, hope they do well for you.
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    Where did you get them by chance? I just got babies from Angelmania.net and he seems to be the only breeder with true blue angelfish