Electric Blue Gold face Ram is ill?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by annihilaity, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. annihilaityNew MemberMember

    I bought 2 electric blue gold face rams 13 weeks ago. They were happy and healthy, I think, until I went on vacation for a week recently. I came back and they looked pale and had their fins clenched. I assumed it was because maybe they didn't care for the feeding blocks or the change in lighting while I was away and that it would pass. I came home today to one being eaten by the others in my community tank. The other still looks very unwell, I'm not sure if he's ill or stressed or what, or how to help him. Any information to help would be great. The first image is today, the second was a month or so ago. Thank you.

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  2. PhishphinWell Known MemberMember

    To answer this, we'll need a lot of information! :)

    To start:
    Tank size
    Length of time tank has been running
    Water parameters (ph/ammonia/nitrite/nitrate)
    Your water change schedule
    Current stock of fish
  3. annihilaityNew MemberMember

    It's a 32 gallon, filter is an Aquaclear 50 I think? And live plants. I do a 25% change once weekly, I can't give you the exact reading on the water as I'm not at home, but I test it every few days and it's always fine, by the looks of it. He shares the tank with

    1 female betta
    1 pleco
    3 black skirts
    2 cardinal tetras
    1 black ghost knife fish
    3 different loaches
    3 tiger barbs
    1 Chinese algae eater
    3 swordtails
    4 mollies

    I know that's a lot for the tank size, I hadn't intended on having the mollies and I can't put any of them elsewhere right now. I watch pretty closely for water toxicity and it seems to read fine. One molly has aggression issues but the rest are all pretty timid. Thanks.

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  4. Dempsey DudeWell Known MemberMember

    Rams are generally just very weak fish due to the way they are bred, especially german blues and electric blues. I personally have never been able to keep them alive for longer than a few months. I just lost my last 3 electric blues over a span of a few days, which seemed completely fine for a while after I bought them, then just randomly started breathing heavily and died. I have given up on this fish completely.
  5. GgAcEValued MemberMember

    How long has this tank been established? Rams are super picky & prefer an "older water". This leads me to believe the constant weekly water changes COULD lead to some stress. My rams are in a 12 month old established rope fish & eel tank (55 gallons).
  6. annihilaityNew MemberMember

    It's been established for maybe a year and a half

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  7. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    You are very overstocked which could be causing a lot of stress & you don't say what your water stats are but I imagine there could have been an ammonia spike while you were away.
    The plec if a common will outgrow your tank as will the ghost knife, the Chinese algae eater stops eating algae as it gets older & can be quite aggressive, they also grow large
    Tiger barbs can be nippy when kept in small numbers & swords & mollies can be bullies.
    Your pic also shows an angel I think, & you have a female Betta which can also be quite feisty..
    The black skirts & tetras should be in larger groups, I don't know what loaches you have but they should be in groups of their own kind as they're social fish.
    I suggest you rethink some of your stocking & rehome the larger fish to avoid any potential future aggression & deaths
  8. annihilaityNew MemberMember

    The angels are no longer in the tank. I know plecos get large, yes it is a common, it and the black skirts were my first in a much smaller tank and I'm upsizing when I can. I wasn't aware about the Chinese algae eater. I've had most of these fish for quite a while, before I did research on new additions, and was ill advised on many of my fish purchases from my local pet store. Unfortunately, the only tank I have on hand is a 10 gallon. The best I can do is maybe move a few in there. There has not been a noticeable increase in ammonia.

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