Electric Blue Acara with variety of rams? Compatible?


HI Everyone,
I'm about to put together my new 135 gal south american tank.
I will be having pictus cats, plecos and 1 or 2 Electric Blue Acara, but I don't want a breeding pair of acara. I want to try for two males or two females.
Anyway, I currently have a bolivian ram in a community with cories and neon tetras etc.
I would love to get one of each kind of ram for the 135.
Is this doable? I think bolivians like slightly colder water than the others so maybe just a GBR, an EBR and a golden ram?
Any opinions or experiances with this would be very helpful.
An other option is I have a 29 gal which if I did some light fish shuffling later I could have the rams in there. That is if you guys think they would not be suited for the 135 plan.


I think the only problems you would encounter are that GBR and GGR are far more shy than EBA which in my experience are really quite boisterous in comparison; especially with multiples, if going for all males or females then upping the number to three may spread out any possible aggression.

As the tank is 130 gal though you shouldn't have a problem either way as long as everyone gets food. I also agree that Bolivian rams prefer cooler waters.

Have fun, EBA and GBR are really great fish
Can't wait to see how it turns out, hope this helps.


Thank you so much! So you're saying maybe 3 EBA then I could have 1 of each of the compatible Rams? And if for some reason it doesn't work out I can move the Rams to my 29.


As long as you allow enough space for each ram to have its own territory you should be fine, that is territory for each individual as female rams can be equally territorial as a male. If you don't want any breeding aggression I suggest you by a single sex of each species of ram (including colour morphs).
Yes if there are problems with either the GBR or GGR they could be moved to the 29.


Awesome, thank you so much! also would this stocking plan require or do better with dither fish?


In my experience GBR really benefit from dither fish, the EBA don't tend to bother much as they are usually really outgoing anyway especially if food is involved.

What dither fish are you looking for, colour, behaviour, size, where in the water column do you want them to be?
Rummynose tetra, Cardinal tetra and Pristella/X-ray tetra are ok for the higher temp range, school well, are not known for being nippy, and grow to a size where they should not tempt the EBA when full grown(I've never had them pick at my tetra but have heard otherwise, as long as they exceed 1.5" or are deep bodied you should have no problem).
Denison/torpedo barbs are another option I believe, larger in size but a nice schooler and peaceful so won't nip fins unlike most other barbs.

If going for a dither species they themselves will show more safety and security to the rams in larger numbers, 12+ preferably.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head


Ok cool. I currently have 6 tetra glofish which I believe are genetically modified skirt tetras, which are South American. Also they get at least 2 inches. I think I'll try them and if they work I'll bump up the numbers and if not I'll move them back to another tank or rehome them and try something else. It would make for a very colorful tank if they worked out.
Again thank you so much for your help!


Eventually the pictus cat will eat any small fish that gets near the bottom to sleep at night. They are a predator, not a scavenger. If you want any rams, I would skip the pictus. If you want small Tetras, those are also pictus food.


OK, that's fine. I don't want anyone getting eaten. I really find the rams beautiful and personable so I would be sad to see them get hurt. The pictus were the whole reason I went with such a big tank in the first place so I'll stick with the pictus and EBA's and I'll keep the ram plan in the back of my mind for an other tank later down the road.
Would a 29 gal be ok for 1 of each GBR, EBR and GGR?
Edit: retract last question, it was already answered.
My Bad, lol

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