Electric Blue Acara Sick!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Quarantine' started by Angel223, Apr 18, 2019.

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    0A04A6D7-0219-4E44-B615-5A5C815D16D6.jpeg EFD2CFE9-3318-4049-943A-D544B66ED594.jpeg 94BA5FEE-E195-4D7C-AC32-8ABD5D6105D9.jpeg D83D7069-64A8-4381-9200-D53DD5C3CABB.jpeg 8B8D0923-B887-4AAC-8877-D921334D1341.jpeg I have two electric blue acara. I have had them a little over a week. I noticed today they were not swimming as much, hiding, one fish scratched against the gravel twice, not eating as much, and one was tipping over slightly while floating. I just noticed something small and white sticking out of its bottom and looks a little swollen.

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  2. SuperD14 Valued Member Member

    My EBA constantly has a curved stomach which makes it look like it’s not eaten even when it’s absolutely gorged it’s self. However, that white thing could be an internal parasite but I’m not the best person for diagnosing diseases.
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