Electric Blue Acara Help!


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So I have had 2 young electric blue acaras for the past 6 months or so. Everything was going well and they were healthy. About 2-3 weeks ago, the larger of the pair started getting sick. He would stay on the bottom of the tank and seemed to be having some respiratory distress. He would open his gills very rapidly, more on one side than the other. He also seemed to be "Blind" since he would only swim backwards and when he tried to swim forward he would bump into things. I noticed that on the gill he was opening up more, there were some white strands.
I tried the 7 days of pimafix fungal solution and the 2 days of api general cure. With water replacement and one salt bath. However he did not make it. :(
The other fish which was okay throughout all this time just started showing decreased energy levels the past 3-4 days. By this point he has already completed the 7 days of pimafix and had completed the api general cure per instructions. He is also staying near the bottom, but at this will come up to the surface to eat. He is not showing the same respiratory distress the other one had...but it seems like he is starting to bump into things like the other one. I've replaced their water filter and water again. I will go buy a water testing kit tomorrow. Not sure if I should also get a bacterial cure?
I did notice my water filter was making more bubbles than normal so I readjusted its position in case of supersaturation, since there were some bubbles around the edges of the filter.

I really don't want to lose this little one, so any advice will be appreciated!

PS I am pretty new at having aquarium fish. So still learning a lot!

Now he is swimming more actively, but it may be a bit erratic...
He is going into his cave but is swimming with his head up. I turned off the filter in case it was supersaturating and will watch him for a while.
So he is doing some tail standing, earlier had some leaning to one side, but this corrects when he swims more. With some plashing and seclusion. Maybe a bit of eye popping bilaterally.


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Hi, sorry to here about your fish and welcome to the forum. Can you please fill out your aquarium details so that we can better help you? thanks.
How old is this tank, how long have you had these fish? do you have any other fish?


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Pimafix probably would make the water bubble more when agitated. It's not necessarily a good thing to treat if you don't know exactly what's wrong. At this point a test kit would be necessary, maybe try to do a 50% water change before you do that and hopefully that will help alleviate some stress on the fish until you can get a more clear picture of what might be happening.

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