Electric Blue Acara Diagnosis? Help

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    29 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium it has been running for a solid 10 years. It has an Aqeon bio-filter , the Temperature is 80-82 degrees

    The tank includes a goldfish, 3 Tigerbarbs , 2 Electric blue acaras, 2 Gold gourami and 1 upside down catfish

    I change the water weekly and do about 25-30% water change
    I treat my tap water with Prime , AmmoGuard. I usually add aquarium salt about a teaspoon every month or so to help w the fish’s gill functions and reduce any other stress.
    I usually first scrape the glass so I can get off any organics such as algae off. I then take out any decor if needed and wash them off. I siphon the gravel while it takes out some water. Then I siphon the top layer hovering just above the gravel once more to get any missing debri and then I add my treated water.


    Ammonia:0 ppm
    Nitrite:0 ppm
    Nitrate: less than 40 ppm
    pH: 6.6-7.0
    Carbonate hardness is 40 ppm
    General hardness is 80 ppm

    I feed this tank twice a day smaller portions to try and not overfeed
    I usually feed as much as they can eat within a period of 3-4 minutes
    They get a variation of food such a flakes, brine shrimp, cichlid pellets and granules.

    Illness & Symptoms
    Have had the fish for less than 6 months
    Noticed these symptoms yesterday.

    There seems to have white patches in his body. He seems discolored a bit. His pectoral fins have tint holes through them and same with his dorsal fins along w one ripple.
    The fish, all of my fish are quarantined before entry into the tank.
    The acaras behavior has not seemed to changed. He swims normally and eats normally. His fins don’t looked clamped and his behavior is completely unaltered.

    I just need to find a diagnosis so I can treat him and cure him accordingly before it’s too late. Thank you for reading such a long description and it’s much appreciated.

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    UPDATE: it doesn’t start at the end of the fins. It’s weird it’s in the middle of them. also at one Point they looked kinda brownish. Not much tho. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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