Electric Acara fry feeding


I am keeping the fry separated from the parents so I would need to feed them myself. Once they have no more egg belly, would I just feed them things like brine shrimp?


Most people advised me to go with baby brine shrimp, *which is probably the best.*

However I gonna tell what I did and worked with my EBAs.
As I wanted something easier, I kept the research and some old school ppl told me about boiled egg, so I did!
So you boil the egg, catch a very little piece for each feed, it has to be little, because it will pollute your water easily, something like 1/2cm will do.
Then you get a syringe put the piece of the yolk inside, with a little bit of water, cover the point of the syringe with the finger and pull the plunger to make it slash back and break down the yolk, making the water inside yellow, then you turn off the flow and dump it next to them.
I did that for a week or two, after that who survives on that will eat any flake or adult food you make into paste.
Things to keep in mind.
-I kept the mother with the babies the whole time.
-I have never clean algae or anything out of the bottom, so they have always stuff to snack on even without the egg.
-Temperature is on the top of the recommended, I have lost half of the fry for lower temperature.
-I do 50 % per day or every other day, and feed 4 to 5 times a day always those small amounts.

Again that is what has been working for me, with extremely high survival rate, at the moment I have from 150 to 180 fry around 1cm, healthy and growing.

I hope it works out for you too!
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