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    This is Erica Lyons video. Spelled wrong lol.
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    Lol... he was like "why are YOU watching me!?" I'm hiding now! :p lmao! He is so cute! Love the flashy colors under the eyes! Mesmerizing ;)

    Couldn't get the third video to play (spotty wifi).. I'll come back later! ;)

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    I shared that breeding video on nanfa and got this reply

    I didn't watch the whole video, but Elassoma hatchlings are about 3-4 mm long (not "microscopic") and are definitely bigger than a newly-hatched brine shrimp. She's correct they're not big enough to eat , and do need rotifers, protozoa, or other super-tiny invertebrates for about a week after the yolk is absorbed. Other than that, the info in her video seemed pretty good. Her fish are E. evergladei.

    Perhaps she was referring to before they consume the egg yolk but whatever lol. Sounds like once they are a week old they can eat baby brine.

    I have seen 4 males coloring up at the same time so I'm pretty sure I have at least 4 males lol. 2 juvenile and 2 adults. I'm pretty sure sissy is a boy lmao. I also think Gray is a female. Hunk took over the back right corner so Charlie took over the back left corner. I think Gray who is by far the biggest just goes wherever she wants. Sissy and Jr share the front left corner. Hunk has taken over the middle and right center to back of the tank. They all wander into the center when he's on the right but he comes back and chases them off as you see in the two videos above doing the twerk. I'm certain that I have 1 huge female. I hope she isn't too old already to have babies. I think I may have 1 juvenile female but I'm not positive. I sure hope so. The last remaining fish I have no idea about. Its really hard to find them lol except those with the poopy est territory Or hunk.

    With so many males I'm thinking they may prefer to be split up into two tanks. That's a lot of boys. I sure hope the other 3 are all female. I'll add photos in a bit.

    I put a pen next to the tank for an idea of size. The pen is from a 10 pack. They are rather small. Here's one in my hand 53432c8c448723f92e786fd517c6dff0.jpg
    And here is one next to Jr 55f66f4243c6e1b1849236be8941eb26.jpg
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    Wow! They are little! Soo cute!

    Lol, not that I had a legitimate reason to think this (no first hand experience w/ brine shrimp, or Elassomas), but I thought it sounded odd that they'd be smaller than brine shrimp. But I'm sure they seem like it, with how small they are!

    I can totally see where my mystery Snails slept the night before. Poopy territory lol ;)
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    Yeah, I have poop territories too lol. I am going to have to separate this tank into another, like you I have too many boys. I might have to order some females from Sasha's but dang $9 a fish.

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    Shipping killed me. 50 bucks!
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    How was the wedding????
    (Hoping you don't mind me asking here cricket)
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    Course not :)
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    After doing more research I decided to split my tank up into two tens. I moved the large female And the two obvious but submissive males. Because they are the fish I could find besides hunk. It's impossible to see them When they don't wanna be seen and therefore difficult to catch them. In a planted tank no less :/

    So now I don't know for sure who is who but I think Charlie is now the dominant male in his tank. Here's a video.

    And Pics.
    Charlie 503c667cd73c84f89f847508ff3fbf54.jpg
    ed017fe6e152b5b58b923494489b708d.jpg b75d7247dd7cab5c748437ee2249a2b8.jpg e359a2418dd71c747d96983bd0d7d19b.jpg
    Mama diamond
    Grey 89caa7710179118e7b576216bee21596.jpg
    Here's hunk in the tank minus 3 fish
    14be5cda014aaa9b18a93cc530d2db26.jpg lights are out so it's hard to see him in the morning. Now he is nearly always the only fish I see in there. I have seen sissy. Who could be a boy once or twice. I still never see the other 2 that I haven't seen since I dropped them from the net. Would they float if they were dead? Hunk rarely shows his full colors anymore also. Do y'all think it's cause there's no females left in the tank?or maybe just not breeding age females?

    Here's a video of banana worms in the tank.

    And a pic 6ac3a2763436f97199aeb860e01a75c4.jpg
    Last night after feeding the banana worms I swear I saw a little little bitty bitty teeny tiny fish swim out and then immediately dashed down again. Hunk noticed too and immediately moved in but I don't think either of us saw it again. At least I hope he didn't. I stared and videoed for 10 min but never saw anything so who knows?? Hopeful thinking maybe.

    @Bruxes and Bubbles did you see your plant?

    I forgot to say why I changed the set up. I have read over and over that if you really want fry to survive then you need to separate them. The more fish that aren't mom and dad that are in a tank the more likely they are to be eaten. Also 10g didn't really seem like enough for 7 fish. Considering the size of territory that hunk staked out I felt it unfair to keep so many fish in the small surrounding area.
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    Very good reasoning Cricket, tank still looks awesome. Hope you get lots of fry.
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    Aww! The sword looks awesome! Great job!

    Those fish are gorgeous! <3
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    I'm going to split mine into a 7g. I have way more boys than girls, so will try to pick best boy and see if I can find 2 girls lol. That will leave 9 in the 10g, mostly or all boys.

    I did count 12 the other day lol. First time since I put them in there however long ago. I think I have 3 or 4 girls, the rest boys. Maybe I'll have luck with getting some fry to help even out the numbers. I wonder if there is a temp determining thingy for girls like for some other animals.

    Your tanks look great!! I'm going to have to raid my other tanks for more plants, so will look a little thin for a while. On the plus side, I found what I think is teenyweeny frogbit floating in the 30g. I love extras!!
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    I'm so upset you guys I have a sick fish :( a70ad25fc78a8a45762ec50e782034f5.jpg b51ee193bb9db46a778795018f57f9db.jpg 1c16e65f520271f24c56eb1fa2657436.jpg 530e688bbe475d738ab98fa24dae54e5.jpg 8ed4aca2d611b22992dad51244a80abe.jpg
    It looks like an eye injury???
    I don't know what happened but he was floating at top when I checked on them this morning :(

    With and without flash
    Ammonia and nitrates
    cc87460d21b48f27c38e15b0b30b6196.jpg 3b22137804e617d5f8fbe74a85810a2f.jpg
    Nitrite a96aca65fe724e4fcc73bf6a017b25a7.jpg
    Ph 8
    Which could have been a leap not sure but would that cause this?

    I'm so
    He's like this now.

    Should I do a salt bath? Anything?
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    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Oh I'm sorry but this fish can not be saved. I watched both videos and it appears to be shock. I don't know if its temperature or ph. I haven't been fallowing this thread, so forgive me if I'm asking you to repeat yourself. Did you just get this fish? How was it acclimated?
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    Cricket lynn mclean

    Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    It's been a few weeks. Looks like his eye or sinus may be infected? He is in quarantine now 1010171654a-1.jpg 1010171645-1.jpg 1010171639-1.jpg 1010171638-1.jpg
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    Well, wouldn't be temp or ph I wouldn't think. He's been fine for two weeks or so. I'd figure either he got an injury that developed an infection, or had something when you got him. I'm so sorry. If you need, I can send another male, I got bunches of them lol
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    Agree after a few weeks it's not shock. If he survives the night you may want to try something broad spectrum. Something that will have both antifungul and antibiotic, because in the pictures and videos I can't see an injury or infection.
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    Cricket lynn mclean

    Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I guess I will hit the store in the am. Oh good. More meds purchases :/

    This morning. Sorry about the camera movement. Just trying to get a good angle.
  20. Dave125g

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Poor fishy I hope he recovers.