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  1. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    c9fd50ef8bff4f022a745dfe410acf0e.jpg f577c8a654ed96e1a25bfb2e17c022c2.jpg 009b3ef0557b08683e4bd4a0d5e55181.jpg 9fd5eab38c1e154e9b30299a4dcd4e48.jpg 03143265233aa3fb0d36b13e0da42057.jpg 85fe907e92c625e09ff7a35656fe8689.jpg e9a9df6d27019472753affd121979a1b.jpg
  2. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Love the dark ones, are those the males?

    So happy for you!!

  3. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    Omg! They are adorable!! The males have some great coloring to have just been shipped! LOVE those blue eyes! *swoon* lol

    What's the plant on the right in the last pic (name isn't coming to me at the moment)

    That's fantastic you have a local source of blackworms!! The only lps (nothing qualifies as "lFs" :( ) around me is petsmart, & I doubt they've even heard of blackworms... prob don't even know you can feed fish live food :( only thing I ask them now is where something is located because "y'all used to carry this"and then they don't have it ugh.. I'd kill for an actual fish store! Lol!! (Ok, not actually kill, but y'all know what I mean. ;) )

    So excited for you & your new okefenokees!! (I like saying that word.. has a certain ring to it lol)

    Lol, posted before I watched the video (got excited) love the blackworms in the sand! So cool. Love the first video with the new fishies :) gonna watch it again to make sure I didn't miss anyone ;)
  4. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    he was dancing a little bit til I got out the camera lol. Hopefully we'll get more and more.

    yep thank you ❤ I think the females are pretty too. They look like diamonds to me but I don't see them in the tank yet lol. So far I think I have 4 males which of 7 would be a little high? But I could be wrong lol.

    Lol. It's hard to remember to respond to all the comments I had in my head while reading through lol. I think you were asking about water sprite? It's very common in these tanks. I see them in every video lol.
    When I say local I do mean In the metro area but it's as far as it could be and still be considered local lol. It's a 45 min drive all high way but it was doable so that's what counts :) I'm sorry you don't have anything better but you know what ? You got wild fish so I think 'nough said haha
    Lol I like to say it too. Bummed I didn't get Gilberti but I love these guys. I'm so proud that they are visible lmao. I can see them. But so far I think I can just see males like I told tman. I'm gonna post some more pics from the app.

    Can you find the two fish in this pic?
    How about the 1 in this one a6e89e9da135f70e85f4d4002bfbf643.jpg

    Here's a hint 200255ffea8d62a0fe56173294d3ff49.jpg

    These are snaps from a very long and boring video where I waited for fish to move lol. They are in the video just mostly stationary. 1b6908c089659ff472a5497a60c579f3.jpg 0c7191f64d12efe270d32063cae5e344.jpg
    This is the video but please don't feel obligated to watch lol. At 8 min a fish emerges that I don't know if it's male or female. At just after 9 I think you see a flashing in front of the new fish. I don't know if it's another fish or the black worms.

    Couple more pics a21103c79c0199193daf7582914682b5.jpg can you see him?
    f53e457c4405a566468e8684d710470a.jpg 8e5cf37b814952de0d4ef56a79f6bccb.jpg

    Here's the whole tank. It's a bad pic tho cause I have to use the wide angle. be064a99b241d5bbcb40f40562a08d65.jpg
  5. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    They look wonderful!! Have you seen a good fight yet? so funny

    Mine too are skewed male/female. I think I have at least 6 males out of 12. Some females get a bit dark, some stay light so it is hard to tell. Occasionally a female will have one or two blue dots I think, certainly hope so because that would up my ratio.

  6. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I hope too lol. I did get one photo of a female for sure 0923171952-1.jpg
    And I made another dorky video. You can see worm tails sticking up if you are looking for them lol

  7. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Wisteria @NightShade I accidentally said water sprite.

    This is the biggest fight I've seen.
    It went like this

    Excuse me, you're in my territory.

    I beg your pardon I most certainly am not.

    Oh yes. Indubitably!

    I beg to differ.

    Beg all you like I will hover here as long as I like.


  8. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    Lol... they are way too cute!

  9. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Now I'm going back to water sprite. I'm so confused lol. @Jocelyn Adelman ?
  10. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    I think it's water sprite. Wisteria has broader (ugh, can't remember the term) frilly parts on its leaves. (Soo technical right?!) lol
  11. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I love the jargon :)

  12. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    It's water Sprite :)
  13. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    You're a peach
  14. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    0925172116-1-1-1.jpg 0925172119e-1-1-1.jpg
    I feel like I'm just posting the same pics over and over lol. But they are new pics ;)
  15. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    So beautiful! :eek:
  16. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I believe this fellow is the dominant male.
    0925172119c-1.jpg 0925172116a-1.jpg
    I'm inserting the uncropped photos for a better idea of how small they are tho it doesn't do justice.
    He has taken up territory under the root wood and just behind it. Center of the tank.

    There is one other male that colors up this darkly but only rarely and when I think he believes his territory is being threatened (above the petrified wood seems to be up for grabs still). As I said before the most I've seen so far is staring contests. The other male appears to be bigger to me. His territory is behind this petrified wood and until yesterday I had the sides blacked out for their comfort. So that could be why I don't see him as often.
    These are the two fish hanging out in the back right corner.
    The fellow on the right is the other male that colors up I believe.

    There is a little fellow I think who has some less than ideal real estate in the front left corner.
    b90f7d0194a0b6d143a0ee78a6b00a23.jpg But I'm not sure what the sex is yet. Still pretty young I think. Could be a girl but I think I've seen this one and the mid center guy arguing about turf also. Primarily under the root wood.

    I can't remember who this one is lol
    I have never been able to find more than 4 at a time :/

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  17. toolman Well Known Member Member

    They are so cool! If I only had room for another....:thinking:
  18. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    they don't need much space lol 5 gallons for 3 or 4.
    Thank you ❤

    Here are the territories I've seen so far.
    I'll assign names for now.
    Back left we'll call grey
    Front left is Jr
    Middle we'll call hunk :hilarious:
    Back right Charlie

    I typically see a female between grey and Jr, let's call her sissy. Another in the back with Charlie, diamond. So that is 6 accounted for though never all at once. So there is one more fish somewhere. Maybe behind hunk somewhere back there lol.
  19. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    So cool! Hope I can remember all those names! Lol! So much happening in such a small tank! That petrified wood is really cool, where did you get it? (You can find it out there in Arizona right?). That male has colored up SO nicely. He is beautiful! (Is his name hunk?) I like the spots on the little one last pic (Jr?).

    Gotta run do w/c's on my tanks... I've gotten behind. Been crazy busy around here! Don't want you to think I've lost interest in your thread! I look even if I don't always have time to comment! ;)
  20. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    See, I told you you would try to count 7 more times than ever lol. They look great!!

    And I'm with NightShade, a lot going on. 2.5 days until the wedding lol. But am still watching.
  21. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I believe this is what @minervalong calls doing the twerk