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  1. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    These ones are pretty easy if you can store them cool enough. That's a big if for me. I am hunting for a wine cooler. Phoenix stinks for a lot of reasons. I am thankful for our lack of darn near any natural disasters. If you don't count the occasional over 120° days.
  2. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Come January or February when its -10° and a blizzard here i will trade you, well no I quess I wouldn't because that means I'm staying jome from work. Lol
  3. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I don't know why I thought you were in Texas. Indiana!Duh! Go Hoosiers! :) you'd have to take up cheering for golf here lmao
  4. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Omg I ordered them and I'm scared!
    @minervalong can you talk to me about how you acclimated?
  5. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    I used an iv drip set lol. Snagged it from the hospital when I was up there with my sister in law. I got one of those big plastic mixing/measuring bowls with a handle. Stuck the handle on the side of the tank, set a container of tank water on top of the tank and started a slow siphon drip. It was about 2 drops every 5 seconds or so. Put the fish in with the water from their bag. When the bowl was about 3/4 full, I'd empty it down to about a little less than half full and then let it fill again. I did this for 2 hours and the entire volume of water had been replaced. Then just let 'em go into the tank.

    I'm going to have my nephew, who is a nurse, get me a couple of drip bags, empty them out and refill them a couple of times. Then when I have to acclimate, I can get a bigger bowl and hang the drip bag. I kept having to refill the source bowl.
  6. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Your order has shipped! Got my fishes from Jonah's aquarium.

    Your fishes were shipped on 9-20-2017. Look for them to arrive on Friday.

  7. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Woot woot!!
  8. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    Whooo hooo!!! Sooo excited for you!!! :D:D:D
  9. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Well I spent most the day getting all the last minute things ready. I moved my tank a little bit so it's not in a direct path of traffic. Also leveled it. Put some black poster board pieces around it for acclimating. Got a new filter on it with old media. 123329922adaead78f9dd9bcc3026088.jpg
    I picked up a wine cooler today. I don't think my live food will be here in time however I have read to fast your fish until they are comfortable. Not sure about that. I may try to find some Phoenix people with worms to share :) other than that I suppose I'm ready. I have decided to drop and plop. I think the logic behind it is sound plus I'm doing my best to match their ph anyway then slowly change to my water.

    Gotta say this. Diana walstad commented on a post I have at apc and I'm totally geeking out about it a little mini star struck haha. Here is what she said.

    With all the dialogue back and forth, my head is absolutely spinning.

    In my humble opinion, it looks like we have a decent setup, the tank is doing fine, and the owner is on top of the situation. I would relax and let nature run its course. Not every plant is going to thrive. What you look for at this stage is good OVERALL plant growth, clear water, and no algae. That seems to be the case for now. If problems arise, then they can be dealt with in a timely fashion....

    She said My tank is good I'm such a nerd lol. And I'm obviously worrying too much :)

    The big day is tomorrow. Sure hope they arrive at a good time. I can't wait !!
  10. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    OMG!! I'd be starstruck too!! Lol! Sounds like you got it girl!!!

    Lol, I have the EXACT same filter (x2 the 60, & the what is it.. 120? Next one up..? Can remember) .. I'd take those over Aquaclear ANY day of the week (but I'm a bit biased considering my Aquaclear is currently leaking.. now trying to seed my 2213 Eheim ugh.. lol

    Love the floating plants.. salvinia? Or frogbit? Prob frogbit ?
  11. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Oh that is so exciting that she approved of the tank!! I added a couple of rocks and some java moss to sort of line out possible territories.

    And this morning I saw a magnificent dance, AND A LITTLE GIRL WAS INTERESTED!!! She would dart an inch away when he got too close, but she was still there! I might have my first pair! I'm not going to move them, they are finally not so skittish when I feed and don't all dart to cover when I sit by the tank so I don't want to disturb them by moving. I'm going to add a bit more guppy grass to the mass of it already in there for a bit more cover. But dang, more cover means less sightings lol.

    On the food front, they DO scavenge the bottom. I put frozen brine shrimp on the piece of moss carpet I have and it was gone in a while! They gobbled the bbs and the grindals yesterday too. I'm going to try the vinegar eels this afternoon, see if they are large enough for them to see and eat. If not, I'll keep the eels going for fry.

    I put the smallest sunsun hob onto the tank with as low a flow as it goes. Took a sponge roller and opened up the hole a bit and put it on the intake tube. I reckon bbs will go through it but that's about all so it should be ok for any fry. The flow doesn't seem to be bothering the sunnys but it does take up a territory corner.

    The hub broke the camera so I have to get one this weekend since I have a dumb phone and we have to take pics of the wedding lol. But will post pics as soon as I can.
  12. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Boo! I want to see lol. I was gonna show you this video I found but I forgot. I'll find it. In it the lady says the babies are a 10th the size of baby brine if I remember correctly. Though that is hardly ever the case lol. I think she spawns hers without filtration when she's spawning on purpose. Lemme find it. But I mean truly? How much smaller can a filter sponge get???

    Also just to clarify. There is one fellow on the above named thread that is kinda a nay sayers and another fellow that comes in and smooths it over after he is rude lol. So the dialogue she was referring to was that I'm pretty sure. She pretty much shut him down lol
  13. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    tinier than bbs? so how do you keep any filtration going? or water changes? lol how do you keep the grindal worms from eating THEM? oh geez
  14. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    I decided to test parameter just to feel confident. Here are my results PicsArt_09-22-09.33.36.jpg (because I'm a nerd)

    Pretty good?

    THEY ARE OUT FOR DELIVERY! wish I could stalk the truck lol
  15. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Looks good!! Yeah I was that way too. Just wait until you begin to see them coloring up and dancing and fighting. OMG their fighting is hilarious. Tails just twerking away, side by side, pointed up at 45 degree angle. One jumps at the other in a flash, and they move half an inch lol. Back to twerking.
  16. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Lol Sounds terrifying
  17. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    got no idea which of my posts were edited for language, do not recall using a bad word or a prejorative. hmm
  18. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    The fish are here! The fish are here!

    Oh happy day! The fish arrived all alive AND I found black worms in town! 84dd01d4fc506832bfa701e580bb100e.jpg
    Mark at Jonah's aquarium shipped the fish shipped to my lfs just in case I wasn't home when they arrived. Don texted me when they got there so I picked them up on my way home from getting the worms :) He sent 7 and all 7 survived shipping.

    Coming to room temperature which was quick as it was only 83° when they arrived. (Thank you Jesus for the 90° day 7° cooler than yesterday)

    And floating
    Then immediately disappeared lol 2cc54159e9b0c5453b759ffc33f3d002.jpg
    I set up a tent so they could acclimate in some dark :( 605e740d717e4a8d968b36d2a7209ffe.jpg
    But still allowing light in. 31d0789862f129c443ff057314897e96.jpg deb48026a3cf9ba6dfa4c4f1f2e07995.jpg

    I poured them into a net right after opening the bag then lowered them in. They sat motionless until I removed the net. And then immediately disappeared from sight. I double checked the net to make sure they all escaped as they really are tiny!!!! I really wish my camera didn't suck I will keep you posted on the progress of the fish and the worms. Oh my I better finish researching them now. I quit when I couldn't find a local source.
  19. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Hurray!! So happy they are all alive. Now you will count to seven more times than you have ever in your life all added up lol.

    And congrats on the blackworms!! Nothing in my area carries anything live.
  20. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Lol. Thank you !