El Tigre N Class Endlers In Southern Ca Want To Sell

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    My el tigre tank runneth over and the little guys are ready to take off and colonize other parts. No, I don't have a certificate, but I got them from someone who in turn got them from Europe. I paid through the nose for them as my offer of my first-born was turned town. I'm offering them up for much less as I need to pay off a credit card that I used to order 4 more color morphs directly from Europe (hope they make it through all the crazy weather across our vast country). So just $30 for 2 young breeding pairs, plus delivery or shipping by USPS overnight (weather permitting).

    (To address questions that have arisen, the value of these little guys is that they haven't been thrown into random pet store tanks with other poecilia or even other Endlers. They will breed true. All females will already be pregnant and will give you 6 months of el Tigre fry, nothing else. I paid over $100 for my first breeding pairs. They did not come by way of Thailand, and there were no questionable environmental, biochemical, or labor issues in their handling.)

    I've never shipped before but feel ready to tackle my OCD at last. No, I don't want to do 2-3 day priority mail because of the huge temperature shifts, and I want my babies to make it safely to you. Be sure that you or someone you trust will be there in person to receive them--we don't want them hijacked by porch bandits or raccoons.

    If you're located in So Cal, I will deliver up to 80 miles from Riverside for gas and toll money. Let me know an address, and I'll figure it out.

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    He said no 2 to 3 day shipping, just overnight shipping!
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    $30 for 2!!??? What kind of fish are these? Picture please?
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    Lol, he has links to pictures in the first post! Read the whole post, he explains quite well why they are worth money!
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    I see, they are very pretty, but why $30? That seems high, for only 4 fish!!:/
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    Please read the whole of the Op before commenting & if you’re not going to buy then please refrain from posting, the BST board is Not a discussion board.
    Remember if you have enough posts to post here then you have enough posts to use the private messaging system.
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    Sorry @Coradee, I just started a PM with him!:)