Eibli/Bicolour Angel in Reef tank

  1. Sarrixx Member Member

    Ive read in many places that dwarf angels are one of those kinds of fish that you should introduce to reef tanks "With Caution" and I've also heard a lot of successful stories about them in reef tanks. So I'm under the impression that success with these species in reef tanks is a bit of a Hit & Miss scenario depedant on the indivudal fish themselves.
    Just wondering, what are the chances of keeping either an Eibli or a Bicolour Angel in a 55 reef tank (that is soon to be set up, still in planning stages) with various corals (mainly a mixture of acros and montis i hope, probably with some sort of zoa and torch as well) along side 3 yellowtail damsels and a longnose hawkfish? Possibly a yellow tang as well (still contemplating heavily on this one though).
  2. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Any angel in a reef is a gamble IMO. It is definitely hit or miss. I had to remove my half black angel from my reef because it started nipping corals, and it even cleaned all the tissue off of a monti cap. Killed it in a few minutes.
  3. Sarrixx Member Member

    thats a real shame to hear! monti caps are probably my favourite coral i reckon. Planning on having 2 or 3 in my tank at least :)
  4. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    I just got some new ones for a different tank, an Idaho grape and Tyree baby blue polyp. I love the way they look too! :)
  5. ATP Well Known Member Member

    I got a superman and purple haze montis :)

    btw. the angels are really hit and miss. My flame nipped at my RBTA a few times when I got him, but never since. Try putting some coral in the qt and observe it for the day. Remove corals by the end of the day of you don't have strong lights running on qt.
  6. Sarrixx Member Member

    i found a pic of the purple haze and it looks awesome! i couldnt find one of the super haze though, could you get some pics and post them? :)

    and ill try putting some coral in the QT when i get the angel, it will be the last fish I get most likely. From what I've read I think Flame Angels and Sinapore Angels are the 2 dwarfs that are most prone to nipping.
  7. Sarrixx Member Member

    ah misread superman for super haze. DOH. lol the morning is playing tricks on my mind! i found some pictures but I would still like to see pictures of your montis ATP :)
  8. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Flame angels are supposed to be one of the safest bets from what I understand. Same for coral beauty. Eibli and lemonpeel are known for being nippy.

    If you have a backup plan for your angel if/when it goes nuts on your corals, I guess go for it. I happened to have another tank running without coral that I could use for the angel, but even if you do, just remember that you'll be tearing your tank apart to get the angel out if it decides to take a bite. ;)
  9. Sarrixx Member Member

    I must have the flame ocnfused with something else then =/. The back up plan for me would be back to the store most likely, I live in Australia otherwise I would be more than happy to pass any coral nipping angels off to you! :)