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    Here is my set up I have an 87 gallon.. I use 2 types of filters in my tank I use the Ehiem 2217 and a japanese style sump that is ontop of my tank. The sump is filled with ehiem substrat. I was thinking of making my Ehiem more of a water polishing filter, if thats the correct term to use. Any feed back will be very useful!
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    What are you using as your bio filtration?
    If you have sufficient Live Rock and the tank is established and cycled, then you could probably get away with using the Eheim as a water polisher (yes correct term used :;hf), especially given you also have the sump filled with the substrat.

    If you have any bio media in the canister, I would try to incorporate that into the sump so as not to lose any bacteria that might be in the canister atm.
  3. miner_skylineNew MemberMember

    my tank has been up for about 3 years now, for my bio filtration I use ehfimech and substrat, and plenty of live rock and very well oxygenated. I do have bio media in my canister, i will also be putting that in the sump. thanks for ur reply
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    well I went to the fish store yesterday to get the media I needed to change my Eheim 2217 into a water polishing filter.. After 18hrs of running the new set up... :eek: My water is not crystal clear yet, but I am very satisfied with the results!
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