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    insanejim69 New Member Member

    Well finally picked up the Eheim 2224 filter that I ordered over a week ago, from a courier collection depot (joke of a company, don't get me started :mad:) .......

    Anyways, set it all up and decided to just use the bio media from my internal (Fluval U4) and external filter (Eheim Ecco Pro 130) and pop it all into the new filter. First thing that struck me is, how much Media it holds :eek: Also how sturdy and well made everything seems compared to my Eheim Ecco Pro 130. Got everything setup and siphoned the filter to get it running, and slowly tipped the filter slightly to expel all the trapped air. Now the filter runs literally silent, and the flow rate seems just right and not too over powerful for the fish in the tank. :) Also decided to renew my old air pump and air stones, for an uprated Eheim 3702 pump with diffusers. So I am literally running an all Eheim aquarium.................

    Tank = Eheim/MP 200litres
    Filter = Eheim Pro 2224
    Pump = Eheim 3702
    Heater= Eheim/Jager 200W

    Needless to say i am a happy bunny now......... so much so I went and bought a new DSLR camera online today, so should receive that on Wednesday and take some nice crystal clear pics of the new tank layout and also of the new running equipment. :)

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    QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    I see you like Eheims products, ehh?
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    insanejim69 New Member Member

    Funnily ...... its all just came about by coincidence.

    The tank was bought as I loved the way it looked ..... never even knew it was Eheim/MP. The original filter (ecco pro 130) was bought with the tank on an offer along with the heater. And the pump is just really nice with the adjustable air pressure outputs :) .

    And the 2224 I got at a massive discount brand new online in the UK :) . I do highly rate the Internal Fluval filters though, they are fantastic, although need to be cleaned very often :(