Eheim Jager Heaters: INCREDIBLE durability!

Discussion in 'Aquarium Heaters' started by SW5, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. SW5

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    I ordered all of my equipment for my upcoming 55 gallon recently, and it all arrived last night. My heater was in the same shipping box as my filter, and after looking at the box, there is about a 3 or 4 inch diameter HOLE in the box, with the same end completely collapsed in. I thought for sure it would be the end of the heater, and possibly even the filter. After opening the box, I found that that heater took the blow of the drop, one side of the actual box that the product was in was ripped completely open All of the shipping protection for the heater was long gone, and I slide the heater out of the box almost intact. And this is a glass heater, folks, I could not believe my eyes. The only part that was even remotely broken was the temperature adjustment ring was off of its track on one side by about 2 CM, just had to pop it right back in!

    I just found this to be incredible for a glass heater to withstand a fall that ripped open two cardboard boxes.

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