Eheim Jager Heater Issues

Discussion in 'Heaters' started by 83jase, May 24, 2018.

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    Hi all I've had a few eheim jager heaters have proven problematic a 25w was deemed faulty swapped t
    To cheap aqua one only for qaurentine tanks works perfect the 200w new unit will heat 5-6c deg sometimes 3-4degc there is no consistency and heats well past preset of 26c deg I can only calibrate 2cdeg Celsius either way which I've done multiple times when it doesn't over heat and highly relying on my external thermostat which I shouldn't have to as its a emergency fail safe not to fix a dodgy thermostat in my Google Searches it seems I'm far from alone some have had good run some same boat as me.

    What other heaters out there in Australia prefer electronic this time that's reliable and does it's job while in service

    I was thinking ocean free shogun?
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    Welcome to Fishlore hope our members can help answer your question today
  3. OP

    83jaseValued MemberMember

    Thanks mate :) this was running at the time of cycling without my thermostat controller only using the jager controller and trying to calibrate it I should of mentioned when I noticed the extremities since I'm using a controller as a fail safe be best to return it petbarn get 2 smaller heaters like a aqua one or aqua zonic eco from local reef shop and use the change for more fish or my co2 piggy bank.

    I was speaking local reef shop they have highest success rates and less returns of these 2 brands which was a shock to hear as you'd want the best for what marine setups cost, when he could of sold me heaters worth much more then the jager that's when I realised he was genuine hobby enthusiast in it for the passion not the dollars. Guess the basic kiss method never fails.

    New game plan going 2 x 150w for the 300ltr tank instead running large single heater be suffice for my needs and location

    I'm not sure how to close or delete this but it's no longer needed this post

    Many thanks

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